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Basic Sprout Bread

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Living Food Sprouted Grain Breads

Basic Sprout Bread

Alive & Well Dehydrated Sprouted Grain Bread

1 Gallon Soft Wheat Berries
9 Tablespoons Fresh Garlic Juice

Rinse and soak wheat berries. Split them up between 3 one gallon jars. Fill with water and soak for 12 hours, pour off water, sprout for 48 hours rinsing twice a day. (It is best to use distilled or spring water.) Grind the berries in a Vita-Mix Blender or Champion juicer with blank inserted to make a smooth, thick dough. Mix in a large mixing bowl. (The more you use, the more it tastes like pizza only better!) Spread evenly over 6-8 drying trays and dry in a Gardenmaster dehydrator or the sun for 18-24 hours to desired crispness. Try adding poppy seeds, Gold Flax Seeds, Brown Flax Seeds, Tan Sesame Seeds, Apple Pie Spice and raisins or your favorite herb or spice combination.