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Private Label

We offer a Private Label option for our essential oils and singlular or formula Chinese tonic herbs. You may choose from over 200 essential oils and over 200 tonic herbs. In both lines, many are organic, wild or wildcrafted; all are non-gmo!

Our high quality tonic herbs are harvested from authentic provinces genuinely known for each particular herb's native wild environment for many generations. Similarly, our essential oils are selected from the country most renowned for centuries of cultivation or wild grown along with steam distilling of each oil according to its natural habitat. Both our herbs and oils are ethically harvested and all are on the FDA GRAS list.

Our tonic herbs are manufactured in state of the art facilities to ensure the quality, safety, and purity of our botanical extract ingredients. Each herb has complete traceability from planting to finished products and all certifications required to ship to Australia which has the highest compliance standards in the world. COA and other certificates will be supplied upon request prior to finalizing your order.

Our essential oils also have a complete COA (Certificate of Analysis) and MSDS (Material Safety and Data Sheet) which will be supplied upon request prior to finalizing your order.

Essential oil dropper caps are also known as reducer caps. If you were thinking eyedropper caps: we do not ever recommend using an eyedropper with essential oils because we tried that early on and the rubber melts due to the strength of the oil vapors and deteriorates till the cap sticks to the bottle and needs to be replaced. If straight oil gets on the rubber it happens even faster. Either way, some of the rubber usually eventually gets into the oil if the bottle is closed over a long period of time and melts enough, rendering the oil useless.

We can design labels for you, work along side of you to collaborate or you may come with your print ready design that fits our templates. Please contact us for more information.