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Thank you so much for the bars!

Thank you so much for the bars! They are the best I have ever had. So clean tasting without filler extras. I appreciate it so much for you to take the time to make them. ~Amy

I have taken fresh royal jelly for the past 15 years

I have taken fresh royal jelly for the past 15 years, and the Y.S. Eco Bee Farms organic product is the best quality I've ever had. Also sold at Whole Foods in micro-sizes, it is far less expensive buying in bulk at Alive & Well, and arrives fresh and still cool (which is important to me). And I also like buying from and supporting Pat, because she is a good person who wants to help people. That counts. ~Trey Ward

Father God overthrew the plans of satan!

Revelation 21:8 The cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars - their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

Father God, thank You for overthrowing the plans of character assassins, mockers, persecutors, scoffers, scorners and troublemakers. Thank You for exposing satanic representatives and for granting to us Divine strategies and tactics to identify, resist and overcome plots and plans established for our destruction. Make their way be through dark and slippery places with the Angel of Destruction afflicting, persecuting and pursuing them. Make destruction suddenly come upon them unaware, evil slay them and desolation be their lot. Make them be confounded and put to shame and dishonor who seek and require our lives, turned back and brought to confusion, as chaff driven by the wind, defeated and troubled forever who plan our hurt, wounded and destroyed by the very weapons they have devised for us, caught in the same net they set for us, hung by the very gallows they have constructed for us, burned in the fire they have lit for us and eaten by the lions they have prepared for us. Make them stumble and fall: by their own councils, to their own destruction, in the very pit they dug for us, into the very destruction they have planned for us and receive their mischief back sevenfold. Strike them down in the very act of their mischief, pluck them out of their dwelling place and root them out of the land of the living. Draw out your spear and stop them in their way, persecute them with Your rage and cause fear and terror to grip their hearts. Make them like a wheel turning in confusion, as the stubble before the wind and as wood burned by fire. Daniel 3, 6, Psalm 5:10, 7:14?16, 34:21, 35:1?8, 37:1?40, 52:5, 70:2?3, 79:12, 83:13?17, 141:10.

Cancer & Children

{This is an excerpt from an email we received}: Recently someone asked me why little children get cancer. I am not sure if this person was a believer or not but here was their question...

Hi, i'm interested in the argument on how babies and little children get cancer. If what matters are the 4 components ""Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Forgive, remove, get with God, stress etc."" what do those babies do wrong. I do believe in healthy diet, but how do you address this hole in its logic?

My reply was, "God sometimes has reasons unknown to man."

Our response: I firmly believe from my 35+ years of learning, teaching and dealing with natural healing God's way, that there is so much disease for babies and children because the parents are feeding them so much garbage. These same parents also give immunizations to their children and we know the kind of garbage that goes into them. These babies are normally not breastfed, are forced to wear cancer causing disposable diapers, wear cancer causing man made fabrics, suck on all kinds of plastic dioxin containing toys, live in homes that are ""cleaned"" with all kinds of chemicals that cause all kinds of sicknesses, possibly live in highly polluted cities and on and on and on. You know the routine. So for you to answer ""I don't know why"" is a perfectly normal and honest answer. How can you know when there are so many variables those precious babies and children are subjected to because of their stupid parents. Also generational curses come into play. You can probably add more to the list as time goes on and the Holy Spirit brings more back to your remembrance.

Keep on God's path and don't ever give up!

Juice is Great, Fiber is Too!

{This is an excerpt from an email we received}: From ""5 Reasons Why Juicing Is Better Than Eating"" email: Think of carrots and carrot juice. If you were to eat a pound of carrots, you’d be rolling on the ground in pain. And you’d be sick for the whole day. It’s not possible! But you could easily drink a glass of carrot juice. Now you're getting the nutrition of a pound of carrots in an easy-to-take form that makes it into your bloodstream in seconds. Only one thing gets into your blood faster than juice---the air we breathe! So you get all that nutrition without expending any e-n-e-r-g-y! And it’s concentrated! You're no longer depleting your vital e-n-e-r-g-y on digestion and elimination. Instead you're feeling that excess e-n-e-r-g-y throughout your being. You’re lighter on your feet, your mind is quicker, and you feel physically tighter and stronger.

Our response: I have been juicing since 1986 and agree it is necessary for all the reasons you state but one. I have done many juice fasts sometimes for a month or more with great benefit. However I disagree that eating a pound of carrots would cause one to roll on the ground in pain and be sick for the whole day. I have eaten a pound of carrots numerous times as well as many other veggies. In fact I figured out that eating a pound of veggies in my mid day meal was the most beneficial amount of fiber my body could obtain to keep my elimination regular.

Writer's response to me: Hi Jan, Wow. I am impressed. Grateful to hear your story. And yes, what a good bowel cleanse all those carrots would be. I’m going to try it myself! Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck and good health

My final response: My name is Pat. Not sure where you got Jan from.

Happy Toenails

What Jun has done for me: I had a toenail problem. My son accidentally stomped on my big toe about 8 years ago. It healed ok then a few months later with no warning the nail fell off. When it grew back the 2nd time, he accidentally stomped on it again and it was never the same. It was very thick and would not reattach so it was always floating and had varying degrees of black underneath it. Ever since I've been drinking our homemade jun, after one week it started growing smooth and normal and the black is almost gone! It is more tightly attached. Jun is the only thing I have done different in my diet the last month or two, so I know it is the Jun!

Update September 20, 2014: My toenails have grown 3/4 of the way out new, smooth and attached!

Even More Healing in His Wings

It was the day before Passover and I did a dumb thing. Got angry about being late and slammed the frig magnet back onto the frig. When I did I fractured by thumb. Now I am even more late! Lord forgive me was all I could say over and over. You know I won't be going to any doctors over this since You are my doctor. I know you will heal this like you healed Asher's wrist when she broke it last year. So we finished the day and went to Jody and Alyosha's that night. Jody prayed for me and it felt like a battery was connected to my thumb in several directions. The Lord healed my thumb instantly! Hallelujah!

More Healing in His Wings

March 5, 2008 the Lord put Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov on my heart. I hadn't seen them since Meshelemiah was in diapers except for a brief run into Jody at a health food store that used be in Ormond. As usual I couldn't remember where I put their phone number so I looked them up on the internet. The first link I found took me to Sid Roth and I watched an excerpt of Alyosha and Jody on his tv show. I always knew they were in a healing ministry but had no idea it was going to reach me the way it started to this time. I listened to Alyosha's healing music and felt healing power flowing through me in a way like never before. I called them and left a message and Jody called me back and left a message. I went to see them March 8, 2008 at 7:30 pm. The message was really moving from Paula, a missionary in China, as well as lots of prayer and healing music which I felt even more. Robin prayed for me during the service and Alyosha prayed for me again at the end of the service. I bought 2 of Alyosha's CD's, ""The Lord is My Healer"" and ""Hidden in the Secret Place"". When I finally went to bed the clock read 1:24 am. I put ""The Lord is My Healer"" in my portable CD player and began listening. I began feeling a sensation in the cyst on my back like alka-seltzer going off! Then e-n-e-r-g-y flowing in my lymph system in the various areas that I know it has been sluggish the last few years. It would stop in a gland for awhile them move on. The Lord even visited my kidneys for a long while which I know I have needed big time! It would be in one area for awhile then go to another and jump all around my whole body. I knew God was doing major healing that I had been needing for a few years. I made it to 45 minutes before I drifted off to sleep. Before I drifted off though, I felt the cyst on my back and it had shrunk by 50%. It's March 8, 2008 at 9:40 in the morning as I type this and I am going to go put both CD's on today. I just wanted to type this while it was fresh in my mind.

Healing in His Wings

My children were playing running around the house just chasing each other having a good time. Asher got her hand caught in the towel rack as she ran past the bathroom doorway. She told me a few minutes later it kinda hurt like when she sprained her ankle a few years back. I said it would be ok and went on with the work I was doing. She did not seem too bothered but called to me a little while later saying again her wrist feels sprained. I finally took a look and where the ulna sticks out of the wrist, there were now 2 large bumps bigger than the original ulna. I tested her electromagnetically and sure enough it was broken not a major bruise or whatever else could possibly happen. I felt fear try to come on me so I cupped my hand over Asher's wrist and began praying in the Holy Spirit. That went on for about 5 minutes and God was speaking to me, part of what He was saying was, ""Do you know how many children suffer because their parents get in fear?"" I said, ""Whoa I rebuke that spirit of fear in Jesus's Name!"" Then I prayed a little in English and took my hand away. Asher's wrist was completely healed - only 1 bump for the ulna at normal size! And a retest proved no fracture was even underneath needing to finish healing. Just completely healed and whole through faith and prayer. Thank you Jesus!

God took Control over Hurricane Charley in 2004

(and all the other ones too) Since I moved to Florida in 1989 I have seen many hurricanes and tropical storms come through. I learned to be at peace with the weather and take authority over it like Elijah did, God could change it if He so chooses or He can protect me from it. Well in 2001 we evacuated to Gainesville and I witnessed the most beautiful weather I have seen as far as temperature and wind conditions for the south! I realized then that wherever I went God was still watching over me. I don't mean that in a prideful way, but simply because He is my Daddy and He loves me.

When hurricane Charley was coming through I received numerous phone calls encouraging me to get out and run to safety. Safety to me is being in Daddy's arms. He was not telling me it was time to run anyplace else so I stayed put. In the last 24 hours that the hurricane was supposed to hit I was told it changed course (not sure if it had since I don't read the newspaper or listen to much radio) and that Port Charlotte was hit at 145 mph and the hurricane was heading our way.

All that came over me was peace and I said it will slow down by the time it gets here. Well it hit almost 12 hours earlier than what I had been told it would. I was woke up by the wind howling outside and the power went off so I had no idea what time it actually was. I guessed it was somewhere around 11 pm or midnight. I lay in bed with my 2 children beside me listening to them breathing peacefully and the wind whistling outside. We had tropical storms that came through here with such forceful winds that it shook the house enough to want to give me a case of seasickness. This time was different though. I could hear the wind ripping the skirting off the bottom of the house and I began to feel like fear wanted to come over me. But God has not given me a Spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. So I began praying in the Spirit and peace came over me again.

I kept praying as I listened to my 2 children still sleeping and breathing peacefully and the wind howling outside. I saw that fear could not penetrate my mind now and I was able to start having my conversation with Daddy. Actually He started it by reminding me of all the times the house shook in tropical storms and this time it was not moving at all even though I could hear the wind outside stronger than a tropical storm. I immediately saw in the Spirit realm that God has His big hand resting on the roof of our house holding it still. I began thanking Him for taking such good care of us and asked Him what should I do now. He said I see your heart and your peace. You need your sleep so go back to sleep. I suddenly got so sleepy that I could not keep my eyes open and drifted back off to a sound sleep.

About 4:30 my children woke and got scared because the power was off and they could see no night light shining from the nearby bathroom. I comforted them right away and we got up to get our new flashlights that we bought recently. We called the power company to see what their recording would update us on the power being back on and found that it was anticipated to be back on around noon time. So we went back to sleep till daylight woke the children again.

There was plenty to do but without power being on yet we had to just spend time with Daddy and each other. (He knows we needed a break from the usual routine.) Around 11:30 am I started getting anxious about taking a shower and decided to call FPL to see if they were on schedule with getting power restored. This time the recording told us that power would be back on the next day which I was not happy with. So I called a friend who also has a hotline to God and we both spoke to Him at the same time. She prayed that somehow someway even if nobody out by us has power, we would have it supernaturally and it was going to be real soon. I said Amen! and with that the power immediately came back on. Thanks again Daddy!

Over the next week I came to realize how much damage was done over Florida even in my county and the one below us and could really see how much God has His Hand on us and our belongings He blessed us with. It is unusual to have power back on in the country before the cities, but big cities were without power for up to a week near us. And many people in our county had no power for several weeks and no phones for a month! God is so faithful and powerful I don't know what I would do without Him and I don't even want to begin to try to figure it out. His way works too well.

The rest of the summer was even more awesome! We got to share so many testimonies that God did for us through the storms. While many people were without phone, electric, work (paychecks) and whatever else including damages that insurance would not cover, God protected all our possessions and tripled our income!

We refuse to let the thief come steal, kill or destroy what God has blessed us with. All we have to do is tell it to go someplace else. Actually we pray that the hurricanes people are prophesying will just fizzle out. But people speak them into existence. God said we would do greater things than Him and He spoke everything into existence in 6 days. If others want to speak hurricanes into damaging their homes, that is up to them. But I hope they will reconsider and quit being gluttons for punishment.


Wanted to give you an update on Wrigley. Doctors called this a.m. and said she has made an amazing recovery... she got up and wanted to play today. She is able to come home today...thanks to God !! Tell your children thank you for praying.. Love you!

Do a Mother's Kisses Really Heal?

Have you ever noticed when Mommy kisses a son or daughter's boo-boo it immediately feels better even if you can still see the boo-boo? Well I had a flashback several months ago in the beginning of 2005 to an event when the Lord healed me in 1990 (a testimony on forgiveness). He showed me that the warmth I felt in my body at that time to let me know something was taking place was His Love. He heals us by His Love! Then He spoke to my heart, ""So you see a Mother's kisses really do take the pain away because it's My Love that I am giving you for your children that actually heals the boo-boo."" It's no coincidence but a divine appointment from God every time a Mother kisses her child's boo-boo and it feels better!

God Gives us the Desires of our Heart!

I mean when we line up with Him, He puts the right desires in our heart and then fulfills them! One day back around the year 1991 or 1992 before Sunday morning Worship while still at home I felt a yearning in my heart to worship God with Hosanna Music ""My Refuge"". Three songs really minister to me on that CD so I played and sang with them over and over before leaving for church; ""A Shield About Me"", ""O Lord, You're Beautiful"" and ""Lead Me to the Rock"". Later on at church in the middle of worship the worship leader, Tom Walker, stopped and said, ""We're going to make some changes here."" He shuffled a bunch of papers n his music stand and spoke quietly to the worship team for several seconds. Then he changed course and do you know what happened? The worship team went into playing the 3 songs from ""My Refuge"" and in the same order they appear on the CD! Yes, I went up to Tom after church was over and shared what God had done for me that morning and I am sure others as well. He just stared at me in amazement and was just as blessed as I was that he had heard God's voice speaking to him to make the changes in the original plan of worship. God does give us the desires of our heart when we are seeking Him!

Praise to God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit

I could not have done it without them! Since 1979 I tried to share what I have learned about natural health and natural living with others and never reached the number of people I would like to. From 1996-1999 I fought getting on the internet because I did not want to have to learn more ""puter stuph"". I finally took the plunge with the gentle nudging of one of my sisters in the Lord during those 3 years! Then for 6 more months I tried to build a web store with the help of a web site manual that is 4 inches thick given to me by her. I stayed on my computer for 2 of the months, with breaks only for eating, stretching, necessities and to play with or comfort my children or nurse my little one. Many times getting no sleep at night and just napping during the afternoon when the children did. Finally at the end of 6 months I was ready for something else to take place! (Praise God for eating 100% Live Food I never lost vitality or got burnt out!) Well I finally told Him that I was willing to learn this whole web building thing from ""crawling"" if I had to since I could not find any short cuts to import all the files I already had done in my other programs (especially the shopping cart, which I knew was the biggie!). I prayed in Jesus's Name and gave it to God to do what He would. The next morning at 3:00 a.m. I got a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit telling me how to start linking my pages and eliminate some of the glitches I had in viewing my first prehistoric version of the on-line Alive & Well Catalog and Charts complete with all slow loading full page gif files! After that, the rest is history..........