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Alive & Well Original Live Food & Cleansing Recipes

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Best Green Drink
Soft Wheat Water
Zucchini Hor d'ouvres
Sprouted Grain Bread
Basic Sprout Bread
Italian Sprout Bread
Living Sprout Bread
Green Soup
Green Stew
Italian Lentil Soup
Salsa Tomato Soup
Fermented Foods
Chick Pea Hummus
Italian Dressing
Natural Sauerkraut
"Swiss Cheese" Yogurt
Specialty Salads
Asher's Sweet Pepper
Avocado Gravy Salad
Broccoli "Cheese" Salad
Broccoli and "Yogurt"
Broccoli Salad #1
Broccoli Salad #2
Cauliflower "Cheese"
Cauliflower Salad
Meshelemiah's Sandwich
Purslane Salad
Spicy Corn Salad
Spinach Lentil Salad
Spinach Salad
Summer Salad
Sweet Corn Salad
Tossed Salad
Un-Tuna Salad
Vegetarian "Reuben"

Alive & Well Vegetables

About our Living Food and Cleansing Recipes

Although our recipes only include all raw food at this time, Living Foods are not necessarily only raw foods, but a combination of both raw and lightly cooked foods. Living Foods are foods that still have the life force intact and no enzyme inhibitors. In early 2003 we had food that had been lightly steamed or baked tested for life force. We found it is loaded with life force. By this time we had been eating a balanced combination of predominantly raw and lightly cooked food for 13 years and we were strong, happy and healthy. This food has no enzyme inhibitors and produces happy healthy humans. It makes eating in cold climates or winter months more suitable for many people. Since everyone's body constitution is different, the key is finding your own personal balance.

As for friendly bacteria, we haven't found anything that equals the friendly bacteria found in raw goat milk, Natren Probiotics or homemade organic yogurt using Natren yogurt starter. And for making raw food recipes or a fermented beverage you can make in your own home, nothing beats Soft Wheat Water.

Please enjoy browsing Alive & Well's original living food recipes made with organic and natural raw and living foods. They are a great foundation for cleansing and rebuilding your body into a youthful, healthy, energetic body. Remember, these meals are filled with friendly bacteria, chlorophyll, enzymes, nutrition and life force.

  • Young broccoli may have some or all of the stems peeled then diced & added to the salad
  • Many recipes using sun-dried herbs may substitute minced fresh herbs
  • Plum tomatoes are our tomato of preference for the fullest flavor
  • In cold winter climates, root vegetables that are lightly baked and lightly steamed winter veggies have actually showed more life force after baking or steaming than when completely raw and are easier to digest