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Raw Honey

Raw Honey, Unpasteurized, Unheated, Unfiltered

Honey is a sweet viscous fluid manufactured by bees from nectar collected from flowers and sorted in nests or hives for food. It contains properties of the flowers it is manufactured from. Honey is sweeter than sucrose, so less of a quantity is required for sweetness. It is known to soothe sore tissues.

Honey can be mixed with pure fresh royal jelly to make it more palatable. Honey preserves royal jelly's full potency and protects it from stomach acid. The amount of honey is dependent on your taste. If mixing 1 pound of fresh royal jelly with one (or 1/2, 1/4) pound of honey, take one (or 1/2, 1/4) teaspoonful twice a day, at bedtime and before breakfast, with a small amount of chilled water. If honey is not preferred, you may make a mixture of honey and royal jelly (50/50). The same mixture can be used as facial massage cream (half and half mixture). The above mixing ratio still requires refrigeration. Avoid alcohol and only take on an empty stomach.

Hippocrates: Honey and pollen cause warmth, cleanse sores and ulcers, soften hard ulcers of the lips, heal carbuncles and running sores.

Ginseng Honey<br> 11 ounces
#11 Ginseng Honey
11 ounces
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Raw Orange Blossom Honey<br> 13.5 ounces
#181 Raw Orange Blossom Honey
13.5 ounces
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Super Enriched Honey<br> 11.4 ounces
#10 Super Enriched Honey
11.4 ounces
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