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Probiotics - The Foundation of a Healthy Life

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Where should I begin about probiotics? Like many things, the beginning is the best place. I started my life as a breastfeeding baby. God designed it that way, for babies to be breastfed to begin building the foundation of our immune systems as well as all the other emotional, mental and physical benefits.

Friendly bacteria are the foundation of our immune systems so when humans stray from the original design or when life starts taking its toll on otherwise healthy individuals, the immune system becomes compromised and friendly bacteria are needed in higher amounts to rebalance and replenish things.

What happens if the foundation of a building is compromised? There can be a variety of problems starting with leaks in the basement. If the foundation is allowed to continue falling apart the building could eventually crumble. Along the way there will be many things to deal with such as cracked and sagging walls, ceilings and floors. Door and window frames can lose their square and end up not closing properly. Like the building whose compromised foundation causes many problems over the years, so our bodies suffer if our foundation of friendly bacteria is compromised.

We consumed lots of yogurt when I was growing up. So when I got my own place, I naturally started looking for information on how to make homemade yogurt. Nothing beats home made when it is done right, I don't care what it is and that includes yogurt!

Like many things that happen in life, there was a lot of inconsistency when I was 30 with my move to Florida in 1989. Being in a new place and so many changes, I got off track and stopped making yogurt. That is also when I got hit with arsenic poisoning for 10 months. One thing led to another. The enemy knows how to set us up and move in for the kill. But he lost again and I survived because God had a plan for me. Through the 10 months I learned to implement many things I had learned from my Dad while growing up like the benefits of fresh garlic. It was too strong for me to eat the way he did, biting the cloves and mixing with his meals. So I got the idea, after praying for God to give me a solution that would work for me, to make it into fresh juice stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

Along the way I figured out to mix it with fresh parsley juice to make it smell better to those I lived with. They still complained, so I decided to make it simpler for me and used the straight juice. I figured if they are going to complain either way, I might as well do what will benefit me the most. The garlic detoxed my body, made me feel super strong and protected me against many more things than the arsenic. I noticed over the next few years I felt way stronger in many ways that I didn't before – more endurance, stronger workouts in the gym and on bike rides, didn't get sick when around others who were sick, could endure all kinds of weather to name a few.

There was one thing missing. I didn't feel the benefits of what the yogurt used to do for me. I couldn't explain it at first. But I eventually noticed that it took way more yogurt to produce the same benefits a small container used to. So I decided to try to supplement with probiotics from the stores. Over the next 10 years I tried every brand on the market. Each one would work for a few months and then seem to stop working.

At the 10 year mark I moved into a brand new house and started going through all the same symptoms I had when I was being poisoned with arsenic. Eventually we found out that it was the house! Formaldehyde toxicity is what it turned out to be. I wanted to just pack and move but we found out buying a new house is like buying a new car. If you try to sell it right away you are upside down! So we had no choice but to endure and learn more about natural health.

One day I decided to go to my local health food store and started searching on their huge book shelf. I didn't know what I was searching for since I had already been doing an all raw diet for 4 years and all living food since I was introduced to juicing in 1987. After several hours I came away with a book called “Probiotics, Nature's Internal Healers”. As I read this book, I felt like I did with other natural health books I have read – the author knows what I have been going through and we never even met! She wrote about the benefits of friendly bacteria and it was as if she was writing about my life when I had good health. When she wrote about the health issues that result from a deficiency of friendly bacteria, it was as if she was writing about those episodes in my life as well. So I knew I was on the right track!

Well, I made it to the back of the book and finally found the web address for Natren Probiotics. After I spent what seemed like a day on the web site I decided to call and set up a wholesale account and placed our first order of Natren Probiotics. Once I started taking them I found they were the missing piece to my puzzle for healing. Combining the Natren with all my raw and living foods was exactly what I needed to get stronger every day. Before I knew it 2-1/2 years had gone by and I could no longer smell the formaldehyde in my house. And I had learned a whole lot more about natural health that I had not learned before. During that time I worked on building our first web site and was able to start reaching out to more people than ever before and help them with their healing, naturally the way God intended it to be. People with compromised immune systems contacted us from all over the world to help them get back on track if they had fallen off while others needed help finding the track!

If you would like to find out more details about how important Probiotics are for our bodies, I suggest reading “Probiotics, Nature's Internal Healers” and taking Natren and seeing for yourself. These are the first probiotics I have taken in my life that I have never stopped benefiting from. In fact I initially had to use a lot more than the label recommended, I increased the serving size to obtain the desired results. After 6 months I was able to decrease by about 25% and about every 6 months thereafter I was able to decrease till I reached ½ teaspoon of Natren 1, 2 & 3 per day and that has been my serving size ever since.

I won't lie and say I never got off track again with my health regimen. In fact the times that I have had life distract me even more than ever before and I got off track, once getting back on track I am able to regain momentum better and faster than before.

What kinds of benefits have I obtained from combining friendly bacteria, through taking Natren and eating homemade yogurt made using their yogurt starter and organic milk, with a healthy living food lifestyle, plenty of sleep, fresh air, exercise, sunshine and drinking good spring water? I am more relaxed, stronger immune system, have an easier time maintaining healthy weight, no sore nipples while breastfeeding my babies till they were 3 or more years old, easy bowel movements, good complexion, adaptability to hot weather, no more Candida, better assimilation of all my foods, super foods and Chinese herbs, good memory and no more chronic colon problems just to name a few.

How did my babies benefit from me taking Natren while they were breastfeeding? They did not have a compromised immune system, never had ear infections, never had to go to doctors, had healthy bowel movements, slept great at night and grew happy and healthy!

If you have tried many different kinds and brands of probiotics in your life and have not found one that suits your needs, please give Natren a chance. What can you expect if you take the proper amount of Natren for your body's needs? To see your life improve in ways you may have never known were possible just by getting the foundation right!