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How to Eat According to the Scriptures

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How to Eat According to the Scriptures

Why Are Live Foods Best?

We are illustrating four groups of people that choose to eat healthy: (1) Because scientific evidence shows it works regardless of what most doctors say, (2) Those who try it and find out it DOES make them healthier, (3) Those who follow the Old Testament of the Bible and (4) Those who follow the New Testament of the Bible. The first 3 categories speak for them self and these people usually do not have any question as to what IS healthy. The next group, we have found, have a lot of confusion, like we did for years, in the interpretation because so many verses are taken out of context. So we will elaborate . . . People lived very long, from 400-950 years, before they lusted for flesh meat and God gave them permission to eat it. Please be aware that lust results in over consumption, not normal consumption. Later when they began overeating meat and denatured foods, life spans declined to 80-175 years, and today 40-80.

(2) In Genesis 9:3 & 4 Vegetation was given to us to be meat. But flesh with the life (blood) we shall not eat (animal flesh). The only time flesh was eaten before the Exodus was when sin offerings (spotless, perfect animals) were made by the Levites and the blood was drained first.

(3) Numbers 11 tells us about the Israelites after the Exodus in verse 33 & 34. They lusted after the meat they had in Egypt. So God gave them what they wanted and brought a great plague upon them (like diseases of today!) while the flesh was still in their mouth.

(4) Because of the lusting after the Egyptian meat, we find in Leviticus 11 God gave Moses, Aaron and the children of Israel permission to eat only certain animals' flesh and the blood had to be drained plus it was Kosher (blessed by a Rabbi or Teacher, which we can all walk in that office if we so choose to follow God).

(5) Isaiah 40:6-8 tells us that all flesh is grass. Genesis 2:7 tells us God made us from the dust of the earth which has 103 known elements. Our bodies, when healthy, contain the same 103 elements and so does grass.

(6) Goat's milk is one of the healthiest foods we can use for restoring the body to its youthful health. And you shall have goat's milk enough for your food, for the food of your household, and for the maintenance for your maidens. Proverbs 27:27.

(7) In Daniel 1:8 and 11-20 Daniel didn't want to eat the King's meat or drink his wine because he knew it would defile him. After a 10 day fast of vegetables and water, Daniel and his 3 friends were blessed with knowledge, skill, learning, wisdom, visions & dreams far above all others in the kingdom. (Babylon ate pork and unclean meat.)

(8) Daniel 4:16, 32 & 34 speaks about how King Nebuchadnezzar turned against the Lord and he was made to eat grass like animals for 7 years at which time his understanding returned to him and he turned again to the Lord. (It has been said it takes 7 years for every cell to be replaced in the human body.)

(9) Matthew 15:16-20 tells us Jesus is referring to eating with unwashed hands won t defile us. Verses 17-18 are usually taken out of context and people say we can eat anything we want.

(10) Luke 10:1-16 - Verses 7 & 8 are taken out of context by many to have to eat all kinds of disgusting, unhealthy things sometimes . Not true! When the Lord sends us (not us sending ourselves) everything is taken care of including food that is healthy! How do I know? Jesus said it and I've experienced it MANY times! David even knew it in Psalm 103:5.

(11) In John 4:10, 13 & 14 Jesus himself tells us to drink living water (spiritually from Him) and natural (from Live fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas and naturally fermented waters). I asked the Holy Spirit one day why is naturally fermented food healthy for us when fermentation in our colons is not. He answered that natural fermentation is the opposite of the unhealthy kind that takes place in the colon. I found out later it produces acidophilus and enzymes necessary for proper digestion without the use of processed sugar as a catalyst.

(12) In John 6:32 & 33 Jesus tells us to eat living bread (spiritual from Him and natural from sun dried or whole grain sourdough breads). Bread is best when made from whole sprouted grains or fresh ground flour with the use of wild yeast (that produces sourdough) to make it rise promoting the growth of acidophilus.

(13) In Acts 10:10-17 God told Peter to eat and Peter wouldn't because it was common or unclean (not Kosher according to Leviticus 11). If we read on to verses 19, 28, 34 & 35 we find out God wasn't referring to eating flesh meat, but Peter's initial response shows that if we eat flesh today, it is STILL supposed to be Kosher.

(14) In Romans 14:2-3, 14-23, verse 2 is taken out of context by many saying God is against vegetarianism. If we read the entire chapter, we find it is referring to whether or not to eat meat offered to idols. (Besides, God gave us a long intestine and flat teeth, perfect for eating non-flesh and longer digestion time than flesh eaters. God did not give us fangs for tearing flesh like animals do and eating large amounts of flesh and short intestines for shorter digestion times. Meats do have their place as seen in Kosher eating and Chinese Medicine with the emphasis on Kosher.)

(15) I Timothy 4:1-5 is taken out of context by many because they leave out verses 1-3 and say it's ok to eat whatever unhealthy food we want as long as we bless it. However in verse 3 the word meats is again referring to Kosher meat. On the other hand if we have food that is alive and tests positive for any bacteria or parasites, we have seen test results that these pathogens are cleared out and nullified when praying over our food, specifically when my daughter pleaded the blood of Jesus over it. We also proved this has no effect over fast food and junk food because it was permanently defiled by over processing and unnatural ingredients being added to it. We have also witnessed test results that prove food does not have to be raw to be alive, contrary to a popular group of people's opinions who are damaging many people's health by coercing them to follow this teaching. In fact, most winter root vegetables we have seen test results for have increased the amount of life force after steaming or slow baking than when they were raw. Foods that are best eaten raw are kitchen grown such as sprouts as well as spring, summer and fall crops.