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Tonic Vinegar

Tonic Vinegar - Living Superfood

Most everyone knows the health benefits of good vinegar. For the benefit of those who don't know, distilled vinegar is not fit for human consumption. You can however use it for cleaning your stainless steel pots. For human consumption, it is preferred to use a live vinegar brewed from organic ingredients and spring water taken straight from the spring.

With this in mind we have combined the age old tradition of making vinegar with the herbal wisdom God gave to the Chinese people thousands of years ago and we came up with Living Tonic Vinegar.

Our Living Vinegars are not cooked, are aged for up to 6 months, are undiluted, unfiltered and they still have the vinegar mother. The particles you see in the bottom of your bottle is part of the mother. If a new mother begins to form on top or anywhere in the bottle it is totally edible.