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Pineapple Vinegar
with mother 8 oz.

Pineapple Vinegar<br> with mother 8 oz.

Pineapple Vinegar is a True Tonic Living Superfood

Pineapple Vinegar is our mildest, sweetest tasting vinegar. We developed it because of the benefits that pineapple has on the digestive system. It can be used in many of the ways you already use vinegar: from salad to hot and sour soup. Be creative and use it wherever you might like the taste of Pineapple to appear! Or if you like to drink vinegar straight, try a half or one ounce once or twice a day and see what happens. You can also combine it with some of our other vinegar, such as Ginger to aid digestion, for an amazing Living Tonic Vinegar experience! Pineapple is a perennial plant that grows nearly five feet tall. The pineapple fruit is a superb yin tonic that supports the bladder, spleen and stomach meridians. It also helps to regulate water and heat. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which combats inflammation and aids digestion of starches and protein. Bromelain also digests microbes that don't belong in the body as well as diseased cells and parasites in the intestines. Pineapple also contains a high percentage of manganese which is important for the digestion of of proteins and carbohydrates. Pineapple is a powerful yin tonic that can relieve chronic bronchitis and soothe sore throats. Pineapple reduces vata and pitta.

The only ingredients we put in our Pineapple Vinegar are Pineapple and Love.

Packaged in an 8 ounce brown glass bottle. Contains the mother.

This item is currently only available to Florida residents in our local delivery area or those visiting Florida in the same area.

Please contact us for large orders to accommodate your private event such as a wedding or birthday party.


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