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Concord Grape Vinegar
with mother 8 oz.

Concord Grape Vinegar<br> with mother 8 oz.

Concord Grape Vinegar

Although Concord Grapes are not a tonic herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have included this vinegar in this section because of the awesome properties they contain.

Concord Grapes have produced yet another smooth vinegar that can be used in any way you already use vinegar in your meals from fruit and vegetable salads to stir fries to hot and sour soup and anywhere in between. Or if you to drink your vinegar straight, try an ounce once or twice a day. You can also combine it with some of our other vinegars for an amazing Living Tonic Vinegar experience!

Concord Grapes are sweet and sour in flavor with astringent properties. That means they lock life force into the Kidneys making them a longevity food. Concord Grapes are neutral in thermal nature making them great for any body constitution. Concord Grapes enter the Kidney, Liver, Lung, Spleen and Stomach Meridians.

The astringent properties of Concord Grapes also increase energy, cleanse the glands and body. They build Blood and increase yin fluids making them great for treating thirst, constipation, menopausal heat symptoms, increase urination, relieve edema and dry cough. Concord Grapes' actions on the Liver make them beneficial against gastritis and pain which are simply a Blood and Liver Qi deficiency. Other Liver related uses for Concord Grapes are to aid jaundice and hepatitis, inflammation, especially of the upper burner which includes the eyes, gums, mouth and throat.

The phytochemical Resveratrol is found primarily in grape skins and seeds, promotes well-being of cells, increases longevity and inhibits cancer of many forms, is helpful against heart disease (inflammation), viral and fungal infections. Concord Grapes have anti-carcinogenic and anti-mutagenic properties.

Concord Grapes reduce vata and pitta and can be used by kapha in moderation. Of all the grapes, Concord, like Muscadine, have an amazing amount of Life Force and maintain a remarkable fight against the damage man has done to the earth, imparting their strength and energy to us when we consume them.

The only ingredients we put in our Concord Grape Vinegar are Whole Organic Concord Grapes and Love.

Packaged in an 8 ounce brown glass bottle. Contains the mother.

This item is currently only available to Florida residents in our local delivery area or those visiting Florida in the same area.

Please contact us for large orders to accommodate your private event such as a wedding or birthday party.


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