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Essential Oils

During the wildfires here in Florida during 1998, shortly after when we started Alive & Well we still lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. The windows did not seal well so we taped them off to help keep the smoke from entering. At first smoke still entered enough to make it difficult to breathe without getting a sore throat. So we followed the example of the European hospitals at that time. We heard that they had the cleanest hospitals in the world and they used lemon oil as their disinfectant. So we purified our air with Lemon Essential Oil by putting several drops on the air conditioner filter. We did this as often as necessary which sometimes was every hour or two while we were at home. We only left the apartment during these wildfires to go to places we absolutely needed to such as grocery and health food stores, farmer's markets, and to meet with our congregation. While we were out we kept bottles of essential oils in the car and my purse to use as needed. I rubbed it on the tip of my nose and was usually good for a long while. We could still smell the smoke pretty bad but it never effected our health badly and we believe it was because of the essential oils God blessed us with. We also noticed the major improvement in the air of our apartment when returning home from any of our venturing out. Compared to the high smoke in the outside air, once inside our apartment it felt like we were breathing pristine mountain air!

Diffusing essential oils into the home air increases oxygen in the air we breathe, causing the air to have increased ozone and negative ions, and to return as close as possible to its original properties that God created it to be: antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-germicidal and immuno-stimulating. Essential oil diffused into the atmosphere containing 210 colonies of bacteria killed all 210. Essential Oils are the most perfect air purification system ever invented or rediscovered.

The fastest way to get oils into our body system is through breathing them in, which causes the brain to instantly secrete antibodies, endorphins and neurotransmitters.

Every time a man made antibiotic comes out, the disease mutates itself and becomes immune to it. God, in His infinite wisdom knew man was going to invent antibiotics in labs, just as the magicians did "their thing" in the days of Moses. During Creation God made the plants and specifically their essential oils so that disease cannot mutate against these amazing oils! Nothing that man can create in a lab is a match for what God has created for our use!

Essential oils produce the highest level of oxygenation, as well as ions and ozone. They push toxins out of the cells and pull potassium back into the cells.

Essential oils make supplement assimilation possible and with a good effect.

All of our essential oils are available in bulk bottles of 2 to 16 ounce sizes. Please contact us for sizes and prices not listed.

Additionally, we offer our essential oils for private label. Please contact us for details.

Fennel<br> Essential Oil 1/2 oz.
#731 Fennel
Essential Oil 1/2 oz.
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