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Alive & Well Again, the Manual

Alive & Well Again, the Manual

The Basics of Living Foods, Chinese Tonic Herbs & Essential Oils

Due to this manual's usage of living foods, tonic herbs and essential oils as well as personal experiences, the content is only appropriate for people who want to live radiantly. Therefore, the manual's target audience is those embarking on or living a healthy lifestyle. Eater discretion is advised.

Alive & Well Again is THE MANUAL we use when we do workshops to teach exactly what the subtitle refers to: the basics of living foods, Chinese tonic herbs and essential oils. It was 33 years in the making utilizing personal experience while learning from our Creator: God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, as well as some of the world's most knowledgeable teachers: the author's Dad and Mom, H. E. Kirschner, Dr. Norman Walker, Ann Wigmore, John and Tina Chen, Jake Paul Fratkin and Ron Teeguarden.

This manual is designed to get you started or give you a refresher course on how to get back to the basics of juicing, blending, fermentation, food combining, sprouting, yogurt making, sourdough bread baking, transitioning to living foods, Chinese herbs and essential oils. All the information provides step by step instructions with full color photos taken in our kitchen to walk you through a simple learning process. There are testimonies of the author's personal experience with some of the most profound proof of efficacy for some of the herbs and essential oils that were not listed elsewhere at the time of her experience.

Please keep in mind that if you are local or coming for a visit to our area, you are welcome to book a one day workshop to learn all the basics contained in our manual first hand.

A heavy duty waterproof notebook makes it easy to use your manual in our workshop and at home, while laying flat on a kitchen counter or table. Loose leaf page protectors in 8-1/2 x 11" format keep your pages safe while doing food preparation. 100 pages.

Softcover format 8" x 10". 104 pages.

Hardcover format 8" x 10". 104 pages.


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