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Longan Raw Honey
20 oz.

Longan Raw Honey<br> 20 oz.

Longan Fruit and Organic Raw Honey

is our delicious organic raw honey combined with Longan Fruit. Our Raw Longan Honey can be used as a tonic food in place of plain honey or added to your favorite food or beverage that you already use raw honey in. Raw honey happens to be the only sweetener mentioned in the entire Bible making it the original sweetener. When the Israelites were looking for their promised land it was a land flowing with milk and honey!

Longan Fruit have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. They have a sweet flavor and a warm thermal nature. Longan Fruit enter the Heart and Spleen channels. Longan's primary traditional functions are to tonify Heart and Spleen and nourish blood and qi. The Heart governs the blood vessels and the Spirit while the Spleen transforms food into qi. Excessive worry causes damage to the Heart and Spleen and can cause difficulty falling to sleep and staying asleep, forgetfulness, fatigue, insomnia and palpitations. If excessive worry results in Spleen deficiency it can cause diarrhea.

Qi and Blood deficiency in elderly or chronically ill individuals is common. Some symptoms related to these syndromes include fatigue, pale or sallow complexion, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, water retention in postpartum women and weakness. Read more about Longan Fruit.

Raw honey is produced by honeybees after they collect nectar from flowers and bring it back to their hive. Raw honey is an alkalizing food since it contains the components of the living plants it is collected from which are also alkalizing. Raw honey retains the properties contained in the plants it is produced from making it full of antioxidants. These plants pass on their antimicrobial properties as well. Although raw honey attracts water to the hair and skin when contained in hair and skin care products, raw honey is drying by nature when eaten and therefore can be beneficial to many people recovering from Candida and other forms of internal dampness. This double direction activity of honey makes it a tonic according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our raw honey is extracted from thriving hives, unprocessed, unfiltered and unheated. A high content of sweet wildflowers being foraged on increases the different sugars within the honey, which in turn explains the quick crystallization process. Since honey has its own natural preservatives nothing else is needed to keep it in its natural state.

The only ingredients we put in our Raw Longan Honey are Raw Organic Honey, Wildcrafted Longan Fruit and Love. Since honey has its own natural preservatives nothing else is needed to keep it in its natural state.

Pint size glass jar 20 ounces of honey

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