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#5896C Turmeric Tuber
Yu Jin
100 grams

Turmeric Tuber<br> Yu Jin<br> 100 grams

Plum Flower Turmeric Tuber
Yu Jin

Pinyin Name: Yu Jin
English Name: Curcuma, Aromatic Turmeric Tuber, Aromatic Kwangsi Turmeric Tuber, Zedoary Turmeric Tuber
Properties: acrid, bitter, cold
Channels Entered: Heart, Liver, Gall Bladder

Hypochondriac pain, irregular menstruation, masses caused by blood stagnation, to cool blood, clear heart and open orifices are some of the imbalances satisfied clients have used this product for.

Primary Traditional Functions
Activate Qi and Blood Circulation, Relieve Pain
Yu Jin is most effective in helping to treat pain from qi and blood stagnation. Yu Jin resolves Liver qi stagnation while regulating qi in the xue (blood). The main manifestation of Liver qi stagnation is hypochondriac pain. Since the Liver stores blood, irregular menstruation equates to Liver qi stagnation with irregularity of the ren (conception) and chong (thoroughfare) channels. Other symptoms during menstruation can include bloating and dysmenorrhea. Abdominal masses can appear due to blood stagnation making Yu Jin best for masses in the hypochondriac region. Yu Jin aids liver cirrhosis as well as enlargement of the Liver or Spleen.

  • Irregular menstruation with pain and cramps caused by stagnation of qi and blood with disharmony in the chong and ren channels
  • Masses and pain caused by blood stagnation in the hypochondriac area
  • Useful in hypochondriac pain due to Liver qi stagnation

Clears Heat and Cools Blood
Yu Jin is useful for bleeding disorders that are caused by heat in the blood

  • Epistaxis
  • Epistaxis during menstruation
  • Hematemesis
  • Hematuria

Clears the Heart, Opens the Orifices and Promotes Circulation
Disorientation, epilepsy, mania and other disorders manifesting as disturbed shen (spirit). Yu Jin is very efficient for clearing heat in the Heart and mildly promotes consciousness. Yu Jin is commonly used in cases of Heart dampness, heat and phlegm that can manifest as anxiety, convulsions, disorientation, irritability, seizures. Severe cases can manifest as epilepsy, mania, semi-consciousness or unconsciousness.

  • Delirium and mania from phlegm covering the Heart
  • Psychological disorders with chest oppression from accumulation of dampness
  • Schizophrenia and other psychological disorders accompanied by insomnia and alternating with laughter and anger

Yu Jin clears Gall Bladder damp heat manifesting as jaundice

  • Damp heat jaundice
  • Gallstones

Concentration: 5:1

Typical Usage of Concentrated Extract
1 to 2 grams per day or as directed by your wellness coach.

Cautions & Contraindications

  • Yu Jin counteracts Ding Xiang
  • Yu Jin should be used with caution during pregnancy
  • Yu Jin is contraindicated in cases without qi and blood stagnation
  • Yu Jin is contraindicated in cases with underlying yin deficiency and bleeding
  • Yu Jin has an anti-platelet effect and should not be taken by those on blood thinners

Each bottle contains 100 grams. Contains non-gmo dextrin.


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