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#3391 Open Orifices, Invigorate
Blood Decoction Pills
Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang
200 teapills

Open Orifices, Invigorate<br> Blood Decoction Pills<br> Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang<br> 200 teapills

Plum Flower Open Orifices, Invigorate Blood Decoction Pills
Tong Qiao Huo Xue Teapills

Blood stagnation in upper burner causing dizziness, headache, darkness of the face, nose and around the eyes, tinnitus, chest oppression, angina, numbness and tingling in chest and arms and uterine blood stagnation are some of the imbalances satisfied clients have used this product for.

Primary Traditional Functions:
Invigorates Blood, Breaks Blood Stasis, Opens the Orifices, Dredges and Opens Channels and Collaterals, Resolves Chest Oppression

Typical Usage
8 pills, 3 x day. 200 teapills per bottle.

Prunus persica seed, Carthamus tinctorius flower, Paeonia lactiflora root, Ligusticum chuanxiong rhizome, Angelica dahurica root, Zizyphus jujuba fruit, Zingiber officinale rhizome-fresh, Acorus tatarinowii rhizome, Activated carbon, Talcum, Botanical wax, contains tree nuts - Tao ren, Hong hua, Chi shao, Chuan xiong, Bai zhi, Da zao, Sheng jiang, Shi chang pu, Activated carbon, Botanical wax, Talcum, contains tree nuts.

Contraindicated during pregnancy.


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