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Royal Jelly, Fresh

Fresh Royal Jelly, 100% Pure

Royal Jelly is the only food the Queen bee consumes. She is 40-50% larger than the worker bees in her hive and she can live for 4-5 years and can lay 2,000 or more eggs per day. Worker bees only live for one season and they produce the Royal Jelly by blending bee pollen and honey with a special nectar secreted from glands that are on top of their head. It contains amazing amounts of all essential amino acids, beta sitosterol, all essential fatty acids including 10-HDA, acetylcholine, antibiotic components, carbohydrates, collagen, enzymes, hormones, lecithin, gamma globulin, minerals, nucleic acid, pantothenic acid, proteins, vitamins and more. All bee products are high in the entire B Vitamin group, C and D in smaller amounts and many other components. Its aroma is slightly sharp, flavor is slightly bitter and acrid, consistency is a thick cream and its color is pale yellow. Many of our clients report increased stamina and general well being, after two weeks of supplementing their diets.

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Multi Bee Power<br> 11.5 ounce
#610 Multi Bee Power
11.5 ounce
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