Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Our seaweed is wild, uncultivated marine algae, sustainably hand harvested from the cold and clean waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. They are then low-temperature sun-dried to retain their full raw, whole superfood benefits and hand packed with minimal processing. They are certified organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and raw.

Sea vegetables have documented nutritional and healing qualities which may include helping to protect our bodies from the effects of radiation. One example is that the abundance of iodine in sea veggies helps to prevent our bodies from taking up radioactive iodine. Alginates and other compounds, especially in brown sea veggies such as kelp, alaria, bladderwrack and rockweed, may actually bind to radionuclides and help our bodies to excrete them.

Although our sea vegetables are harvested in remote areas off the Gulf of Maine, no human can control the ocean currents. And although seaweeds have been consumed safely for thousands of years, we want to make sure there are no significant changes in our sea vegetables' analyses from season to season, especially with regard to trace metals.

Extensive microbiological testing is frequently conducted throughout the year while most of the testing is done after each year's harvest is completed. All of our sea vegetables are tested for microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, petroleum residues and radioactivity and is performed by Katahdin Analytical Services, Westbrook, ME, a NELAC accredited laboratory. Our radiation testing is done by the University of Maine.

We believe that traditional whole foods, including seaweeds, are a blessing from God and are well suited for nourishing human beings. Seaweed is and has been consumed regularly with healthy results all over the world for thousands of years. However, we are unable to predict how your body will respond to them. There may be elements of these plants not suitable for your body's present constitution. Our constitutions can fluctuate from season to season and year to year. Only you can determine what will work best for you.

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Approximate Harvest Time - end of July to Labor Day - orders placed during harvest time will be filled after the harvest is complete.

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