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Welles Press

Pressing the pulp that comes out of any juicer will yield more juice of a much higher quality for optimum healing qualities. Combined with a Champion Juicer used as a grinder you can obtain Norwalk quality juice at a fraction of the cost. Both the tray and press plate remove for easy cleaning. Comes with a cloth for holding pulp.

The pulp from organic vegetables is too valuable to be discarded! Pressing actually releases vitamins, minerals and enzymes that literally "bind" to the pulp. The 210 lb. hydraulic press separates these bioavailable nutrients which act as powerful healing agents by dramatically improving red blood cell function. The "live" enzymes renew the tissues of the body.

Juice pressing heals disease through regeneration of the cells. Immunity comes form the soils. Pressing vegetable juices releases the immune regenerative forces of the land.

Just a note from Alive & Well on our experience with the Welles Press....we have been juicing since January 1, 1986. Once we started using the Press, we found we obtain 1 more quart of juice from the pulp leftover after making 2 quarts of juice. So depending on whether we make 1 or 2 gallons of juice each day, that adds up to either 2 quarts or 1 gallon a day extra juice for us that used to go out into the compost heap!