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#3345 Stasis in the Mansion of Blood
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan
200 teapills

Stasis in the Mansion of Blood<br> Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan<br> 200 teapills

Plum Flower Stasis in the Mansion of Blood Teapills
Remove Stagnant Blood from the Blood Palace Pills
Blood Mansion Drive Out Stasis Decoction
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan

Chronic stagnation of qi and blood in the upper burner, including the chest, epigastrum or head. Chest or costal pain accompanied by restless sleep, palpitation, dizziness, irritability or depression. Chronic stabbing headache and oppression in the epigastrum causing belching and prolonged hiccoughs or choking sensation. Congestive heart disease, angina, arrhythmia and head trauma, epigastric constriction or reflux, stomach ulcer and hypertension due to blood stagnation. Preventative against stroke are some of the imbalances satisfied clients have used this product for.

Primary Traditional Functions
Invigorates the Blood, Dispels Blood Stasis, Dredges the Liver, Moves Liver Qi, Dredges and Unblocks the Channels and Collaterals, Resolves Chest Oppression, Relieves Pain

Typical Usage
8 pills, 3 x day. 200 teapills per bottle.

Prunus persica seed, Carthamus tinctorius flower, Angelica sinensis root, Rehmannia glutinosa root-raw, Achyranthes bidentata root, Citrus aurantium fruit-ripe, Paeonia lactiflora root, Ligusticum chuanxiong rhizome, Platycodon grandiflorum root, Bupleurum chinense root, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root, Activated carbon, Botanical wax, Talcum. - Tao ren, Hong hua, Dang gui, Sheng di huang, Huai niu xi, Zhi ke, Chi shao, Chuan xiong, Jie geng, Chai hu, Gan cao, Activated carbon, Botanical wax, Talcum.

Cautions & Contraindications:
Contraindicated for very weak or deficient individuals. Contraindicated during pregnancy, or with hemorrhagic disorders. Contains tree nuts.


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