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#3775C Snake & Dragon
Long Dan Xie Gan San
100 grams

Snake & Dragon<br> Long Dan Xie Gan San<br> 100 grams

Plum Flower Snake & Dragon
Gentiana Combination
Long Dan Xie Gan San

Heat in the liver or gall bladder channel causing symptoms that can affect any of the three burners. Upper burner symptoms include headache, red eye, earache or infection, irritability or dizziness. Middle burner symptoms include liver and gallbladder inflammation, costal distention or pain or jaundice. Lower burner symptoms can include scanty urine, difficult urination, leukorrhea, swelling of the vulva, pruritus vulvae, urinary infection, acute prostatitis and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Helpful in oral and genital herpes simplex and herpes zoster (shingles). Also used for hypertension or hyperthyroidism due to liver fire are some of the imbalances satisfied clients have used this product for.

Primary Traditional Functions
Clears Damp-Heat from the Liver and Gallbladder Channels, Clears Damp-Heat from the Lower Jiao, Cools Liver Fire, Soothes the Liver, Tonifies Blood, Benefits the Movement of Urine.

Typical Usage
3 grams, 3 x day or 4-5 grams 2 x day or as directed by your wellness coach. 100 Grams.

Gentiana scabra root, Bupleurum chinense root, Alisma orientalis rhizome, Rehmannia glutinosa root-raw, Angelica sinensis root, Scutellaria baicalensis root, Gardenia jasminoides fruit, Akebia trifoliata stem, Plantago asiatica seed, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root. - Long dan cao, Chai hu, Ze xie, Sheng di huang, Dang gui, Huang qin, Zhi zi, Mu tong, Che qian zi, Gan cao.

Cautions & Contraindications:
Caution during pregnancy.


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