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#5798C Pinellia Rhizome
Ban Xia
100 grams

Pinellia Rhizome<br> Ban Xia<br> 100 grams

Plum Flower Pinellia Rhizome
Ban Xia

Pinyin Name: Ban Xia
English Name: Pinellia, Pinellia Tuber
Properties: acrid, warm
Channels Entered: Spleen, Stomach, Lungs

Profuse sputum, cough and dyspnea, watery sputum with Nausea and vomiting, yellow sputum, liver wind rising with phlegm stagnation, reverse stomach qi, nodules and swellings are some of the imbalances satisfied clients have used this product for.

Primary Traditional Functions
Dries Dampness, Dissolves Phlegm
Traditional Chinese Medicine theories teach us that the spleen produces phlegm and the lungs store phlegm. When the Spleen doesn't dissolve excess phlegm producing dampness, cough, sputum and reverse lung qi manifest. Ban Xia (Pinellia) enters the Spleen and Lung functions to dissolve the phlegm at its source and where it has also accumulated.

  • Profuse sputum
  • Watery sputum with Nausea and vomiting resulting from cold phlegm accumulation
  • Large amounts of yellow sputum resulting from hot phlegm
  • Liver wind rising and phlegm stagnation resulting in dizziness, feelings of chest congestion and oppression, headache, vertigo, white greasy tongue coating, wiry slippery pulse
  • Xiang bi (painful chest obstruction) with yang deficiency plus accumulation of cold and phlegm producing short breath with chest pain

Redirects Abnormally Rising Stomach Qi, Relieves Nausea, Relieves Vomiting
Ban Xia relieves Nausea and vomiting resulting from phlegm obstruction, pregnancy, stomach deficiency or stomach heat. Stomach qi normally moves downward. When it is blocked by phlegm the reverse stomach qi can cause Nausea and vomiting. Ban xia is very effective against Nausea and vomiting, dissolves phlegm, dries dampness, harmonises the stomach and redirects stomach qi in its normal downward direction.

  • Nausea and vomiting from cold and phlegm
  • Nausea and vomiting with general deficiency
  • Nausea and vomiting with excess cold interior
  • Nausea and vomiting from stomach heat
  • Nausea and vomiting from heat and cold
  • Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy
  • Chronic nervous vomiting

Dissipates Nodules and Disperses Stagnation
The acrid warm properties of Ban Xia dissolves phlegm and dissipates nodules such as swelling, plum pit syndrome, goiter, scrofula, congestion or obstruction that worsens under pressure in the chest and epigastrum

  • Accumulation of heat phlegm and feelings of chest congestion and oppression, copious yellow sputum, greasy yellow tongue coating, slippery rapid pulse, tenderness in chest upon palpitation
  • Plum pit syndrome
  • Scrofula or thyroid nodules

Treats Sores, Skin Ulcerations and Carbuncles

  • Used topically, Ban Xia powder treats carbuncles, sores and ulcerations of the skin
  • Combining with egg white it can reduce breast abscesses
  • Cooking with vinegar Ban Xia can be used to relieve swollen tongue
  • Concentration: 5:1

    Typical Usage of Concentrated Extract
    1 to 2 grams per day or as directed by your wellness coach.

    Cautions & Contraindications

    • Ban Xia should be avoided or used very cautiously when there is dry cough from yin deficiency, sore throat from heat or fire and in bleeding or hot phlegm imbalances
    • Ban Xia is incompatible with Wu Ton (Radix Aconti)
    • Fresh or unprocessed Ban Xia is toxic so it should only be used topically. To be used internally, Ban Xia should be processed to minimize its toxicity.
    • Allergic reactions to Ban Xia have been reported. Symptoms have included redness and excruciating itch in the entire body.

    Overdose of Ban Xia is characterized by any of the following: abdominal pain, copious salivation, difficulty swallowing, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, discomfort in the upper abdomen, nausea, numbness, headache, irregular breathing, palpitations, perspiration, pale face, respiratory depression, swelling and pain of the tongue and throat, slowed respiration, voice hoarseness, slurring of speech, weak forceless pulse, vomiting.

    Each bottle contains 100 grams. Contains non-gmo dextrin.

    Pinellia Tuber - Ban Xia

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