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#5602C Achyranthes Root
Huai Niu Xi
100 grams

Achyranthes Root<br> Huai Niu Xi<br> 100 grams

Plum Flower Achyranthes Root
Huai Niu Xi

Pinyin Name: Huai Niu Xi
English Name: Achyranthes Root
Properties: bitter, sour, neutral
Channels Entered: Liver, Kidney

Strengthen tendons and bones, activate blood circulation, dispel blood stasis, difficult labor, musculoskeletal pain due to external and sports injuries, promote urination, benefit dysuria, to direct fire and blood downwards are some of the imbalances satisfied clients have used this product for.

Primary Traditional Functions
Strengthens Tendons and Bones

  • Lower back and knee soreness, weakness and pain
  • Benefits soreness and pain in the muscles and joints by tonifying both the Liver and Kidney and strengthening their respective tissues. It is one of the most important and effective herbs for chronic pain in the lower body, such as week knees and lumbago.
  • Weakness of the low back and knees
  • Redness, swelling and pain of the lower body joints caused by damp-heat
  • Joint pain in lower body due to wind and dampness.

Activates Blood Circulation, Dispels Blood Stasis
Gynecological disorders

  • One of the stronger blood-activating herbs, treating various disorders characterized by blood stasis, such as menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, difficult labor, and postpartum abdominal pain

Difficult labor

Musculoskeletal pain due to external and sports injuries

Promotes Urination, Benefits Dysuria

  • Hematuria dysuria: dispels damp heat and eliminates blood stasis in the lower jiao to treat burning sensation and pain on urination

Directs Fire and Blood Downwards
Abnormal bleeding because of fire flaring upwards

  • Hematemesis, epitaxis, toothache, ulcerations of the mouth and tongue, headache and dizziness
  • Tonifies liver and kidney yin
  • Anchors liver yang
  • Prevents liver wind from rising upwards

Concentration: 5:1

Typical Usage of Concentrated Extract
1 gram per day or as directed by your wellness coach.

Cautions & Contraindications
Huai Niu Xi is contraindicated during pregnancy and in the case of profuse menstrual bleeding.

Each bottle contains 100 grams. Contains non-gmo dextrin.

Achyranthes Root - Huai Niu Xi

Achyranthes Root - Huai Niu Xi

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