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#217872 Smart Floss
30 yards

Smart Floss<br> 30 yards

Dr. Tung's Smart Floss Floss 30 Yards

There's no other floss quite like Smart Floss. It stretches and expands into inter dental spaces for better removal of plaque and food particles. This high-performance floss is suitable for everyone - people with tight spaces, wider spaces...even braces.

Directions: Wrap 18" of floss around fingers and draw tight. Tug & release. It expands! Slide floss between teeth, curve it around tooth and clean between tooth and gum with gentle up and down motion. Repeat using a clean section between each tooth. Also works with braces and wide spaces.

Ingredients: Natural plant and bees wax coating.

Not Tested on Animals

Recyclable Packaging

30 yards


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