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The skin of babies and young children doesn't yet have the protective capabilities of adult skin. Weleda's baby line provides more than just skin care: it helps create a protective layer around your child. Weleda uses sunny, gentle calendula flowers along with soothing chamomile and a variety of delicate oils. Weleda never uses mineral oils or synthetic ingredients, and you can relax in the knowledge that Weleda has cared for children naturally for over 75 years.

If the eyes are the gateway to the soul, the mouth is its primary means of expression. From words to kisses, the mouth can tell it all. Yet it also absorbs harmful substances, so Weleda has created an oral care line free of the usual detergents, bleaches and chemical preserving agents. Weleda's choice of often exotic ingredients care for both the teeth and the gums. With great tasting natural breath fresheners as well as whitening substances found in nature (such as chalk and baking soda), you can offer the world your best smile - bright, shiny, aromatic and healthy.