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Founded by childhood friends Phil Baron and Mike Bacher, Masontops started with a joint appreciation of Mason jars. Go to your cupboard: chances are you have at least 4 Mason jars tucked away. Although they've been around since 1858, Mason jars continue to be a versatile storage vessel, crafting tool, and decor item. We were so inspired by the utility of the Mason jar and allure of its vintage charm, that we decided to start a company to help people upcycle their jars. Masontops is dedicated to creating Mason jar accessories that turn Mason jars into beautiful storage solutions, easy fermentation vessels and whatever new idea comes our way. But for now, let's go back to the beginning.

After having many frustrating experiences tying to ferment sauerkraut, we realized there was a need to simplify the process. We fell in love with the idea of fermenting in Mason jars. They are the perfect size for storing, easy to clean and even easier to find. Some will say it was entrepreneurial spirit, others say it was the sauerkraut. Either way, our creative juices started flowing and along came Masontops, Inc.