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Dr. Tung's

Many cultures hae for centuries put a lot of attention on tongue hygiene. Now modern scientific research has verified the wisdom of tongue cleaning. It helps prevent plaque, improves taste, works wonders for bad breath and removes coating on the tongue. Effective tongue cleaning is easy and takes just 10 - 15 seconds with Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner!

In Addition to their flagship Tongue Cleaner product, Dr. Tung's offers natural, effective, leading-edge oral care products. Rejuv for Gums, one of the most powerful nourishing formulas for gums available anywhere. Dr. Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate helps soothe and moisturize the mouth, and helps remove certain harmful bacteria while balancing the oral microbiome (unlike many mouth rinses that indiscriminately kill bacteria). Other Dr. Tung's Oral Hygiene products include Smart Floss, Toothbrush Sanitizers and PerioSticks.