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Many satisfied clients have successfully used these formulas for some of the following indications. This information is to be used as a reference tool only. It does not represent all of the benefits of the products, rather the most outstanding ones among them. In no way should this table be used as a diagnostic tool. We recommend you consult your naturopathic doctor or herbalist, especially if you have an existing medical condition. Better yet seek the One who made you and I. He gave us all the herbs as medicine according to His Word, the Bible.

This table is based largely on the traditional practices and theories of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It may not reflect the current theories or opinions of the Western Medical Field.

Common Cold, Flu and Nasal Disorders

Pathogenic Wind Cold:
Exposure of the skin to wind and cold usually when the pores are open like after exercise and at the same time the skin is exposed to cold or damp weather or air conditioning. Cold invades shoulders, neck and head with the most common symptom being an acute headache. The lung may also be invaded causing a runny nose with a clear watery discharge. This is the first stage in developing a common cold. Formulas administered immediately and more often than label recommendations are effective along with taking a hot bath, drinking hot tea and getting under warm blankets if needed to help eliminate the cold through sweating. It is also recommended to suspend taking tonic herbs during this time as they tend to drive pathogens into the body instead of letting them come out.
Release The Exterior Teapills - Jing Fang Bai Du Wan
Resilient Warrior Teapills - Ren Shen Bai Du Wan

Pathogenic Wind Heat:
Early Common Cold and Flu - like wind cold cold causes common cold. Symptoms include sore throat, low grade fever, yellow phlegm, dry cough, dry nose or eyes, stuffy nose and sometimes a yellow nasal discharge. Herbs for clearing heat and resolving toxins are in the formulas to address upper respiratory viral infections. As in wind cold, the formulas taken early and more often than label recommendations are effective. It is also recommended to suspend taking tonic herbs during this time as they tend to drive pathogens into the body instead of letting them come out. It is also recommended to discontinue spicy and greasy foods during wind heat treatment.
Clear Wind Heat Teapills - Sang Ju Yin Wan
Ledebouriella Sagely Unblocks Teapills - Fang Feng Tong Sheng Wan
Yin Chiao Powder - Yin Qiao Jie Du San

Pathogenic Wind with Heat Toxins:
Severe Cold and Flu
Universal Benefit Teapills - Py Ji Xiao Du Yin Wan

Nasal Congestion and Discharge:
Can be due to viral or bacterial causing common cold. or food or environmental allergies. Also effective for internal ear congestion with or without infection.
Formulas to dispel wind, transform phlegm that transport to sinus area
Magnolia Flower Teapills - Xin Yi Wan
Upper Chamber Teapills - Cang Er Zi Wan

Infections, Fever and Internal Heat Disorders

Heat Toxins - Viral Infections:
Besides treating viruses, many heat toxin herbs destroy or neutralize bacteria. Unlike antibiotics, these herbs neither damage the friendly bacteria or immune system. These formulas address the blood, lymph and liver and include chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, roseola, hepatitis, herpes simplex and shingles, tonsillitis, cough and flu.
Five Flavor Disperse Toxin Pill - Wu Wei Xiao Du Wan Teapills

Damp Heat Toxins - Bacterial Infections:
Bacterial infections that respond well to Chinese herbal formulas include the nose, throat, lungs, digestive tract, urinary tract and skin. Included are common bacterial infections of the skin, strep throat, ear infection, tooth and sinus infection, dysentery, food poisoning, urinary tract infections and conjunctivitis. These formulas clear, drain or expel fire.

Bacterial Infections:
Anywhere in the body including systemic presentations in the blood or lymph
Coptis Teapills - Huang Lian Su Wan
Coptis Resolve Toxin Pills - Huang Lian Jie Du Wan
Aucklandia and Coptis Teapills - Xiang Lian Wan

Head and Throat Damp Heat Toxins:
Bacterial infections in the head such as eye, ear, sinus, throat, teeth or gums
Clear the Stomach Powder Pills - Qing Wei San Wan

High Fever:
Fever due to interior or exterior factors produced by bacteria or virus marked by delirium, spasm, convulsion of coma. These formulas reduce fever as well as fight pathogenic microbes and boost the immune system. Administration should be monitored by qualified and responsible health care practitioners.
Red Door Teapills - Dao Chi Wan
Cool Valley Teapills - Liang Ge Wan

Infant Fever and Colic:
Infantile fever is often due to stagnation of stomach qi leading to accumulation of phlegm and mucus causing heat and fire. It can be irritated by interior or exterior influences such as microbes, overeating, food allergies of the infant or nursing mother. Because infants have a yang nature, phlegm accumulation turns to heat or fire easily. This can cause fever, irritability, night terrors, belching, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, colic, spasm or convulsions.
Pearl Powder - Zhen Zhu 90% Calcium Carbonate

Deficiency Fire:
These formulas address heat accompanying underlying deficiencies of yin or blood. They can be constitutional or manifest during chronic fevers, exposure to heat or blood loss. Menopausal disorder, tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria, hypothyroidism and diabetes. When due to yin or blood deficiency symptoms may be from systemic internal heat, heat in the yin channel, heat in the palms, soles and sternum, day or night sweating. Night sweats are a serious sign of yin exhaustion which can be from loss of estrogen or semen due to menopause or spermatorrhea. Deficiency fire is characterized by red tongue that is dull or glossy versus bright red tongue of excess heat. It often is spotted with sores, deep lines or patches.
Cool Bones Teapills - Qing Gu Wan
Eight Flavor Rehmannia Teapills - Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan

Respiratory Disorders

Lung Deficiency - Dry Nonproductive Cough:
Exterior wind heat and dryness in early stage of common cold. Exterior dryness or heat that slowly depletes yin. Can be due to smoking, airborne pollutants or exposure to an overly dry hot environment. Interior deficiency of kidney yin. Symptoms may include dizziness, ringing ears or heart palpitation. Cough is weak indicating weak qi.
Lilium Teapills - Bai He Gu Jin Wan
Replenish The Root Teapills - Gu Ben Wan
Eight Immortals Teapills - Mai Wei Di Huang Wan
Autumn Rain Teapills - Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Wan

Lung Fire - Painful Barking Cough:
Can be due to pathogenic wind heat and accumulation of heat toxins (bacteria and viruses). Chest burns with pain during inhalation and dry sore throat often accompanied by loud, sharp painful barking cough without rattling. Lung fire causing acute cough can be during common cold and flu, bronchitis, viral and bacterial pneumonia, croup, pulmonary abscess or infection, and high fever. Small amounts of sticky and difficult to expectorate phlegm may be present. May be combined with formulas above for heat toxin - viral infection or damp heat toxins - bacterial infections.
Autumn Rain Teapills - Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Wan
Tonify Lung Decoction Teapills - Bu Fei Wan

Lung Phlegm Heat - Acute Productive Cough:
Phlegm heat is yellow or yellowish brown in color and varies from very sticky to runny. Rattling cough and yellow nasal discharge are usually present. It may be accompanied by lung fire with painful cough, dry mouth or throat and fever. It usually occurs in acute early stage lung syndromes or following pathogenic factors that cause common cold or flu.Treatment is difficult and may take one or several weeks. Herbs transform phlegm into fluid so it may be eliminated in stool. It is a good sign when odorous or loose stools follow taking these formulas. It is advised to avoid greasy and oily food, dairy and sugar all of which aggravate phlegm. After taking formulas for phlegm heat, clear or white phlegm may remain. In these cases, change to formulas for Lung Phlegm Damp.
Clean Air Teapills - Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan
Quiet Cough Teapills - Ning Sou Wan

Phlegm Damp - Chronic Productive Cough:
Expectoration is is white or clear in color and varies from thick to watery. It may be confined to the lungs or include nasal discharge and often follows phlegm heat which has been transformed by herbal formulas or naturally on its own. Phlegm damp is difficult to treat and can last days, week or months. Chinese herbs are one of the best therapies. Herbs transform phlegm into fluid so it may be eliminated in stool. It is advised to avoid greasy and oily food, dairy and sugar all of which aggravate phlegm.
Pinellia and Magnolia Teapills - Ban Xia Hou Po Wan
Platycodon Teapills - Jie Geng Wan

Wheezing and Difficulty Breathing - Asthma:
Short, rapid and wheezing respiration or labored breathing that is aggravated by exertion or even with rest. These formulas are applicable for bronchitis and emphysema characterized by difficulty breathing. In cases of asthma with phlegm, formulas from Lung Phlegm Heat of Phlegm Damp are also used. Symptoms are often due to weak lungs, spleen or kidney qi. Asthma may be aggravated by exposure to pathogenic wind cold and formulas that dispel wind and warm the lungs are necessary. Allergies can contribute to asthma and products featuring Astragalus can be helpful.
Cynanchum, Armeniaca, Gypsum, Licorice Decoction Pills, Bai Xing Shi Gan Wan
Clear Mountain Air Teapills - Ding Chuan Wan
Tonify Lung Decoction Teapills - Bu Fei Wan

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Wei Syndrome - Flacid Paralysis or Numbness:
This is when the four limbs become weak or unresponsive to voluntary control. It can range from muscle weakness to complete paralysis. Symptoms include muscular atrophy, poor muscle tone, trembling and numbness or tingling. Differences include deficiency of qi, blood, yin or yang with complications from heat, damp heat of cold. Most wei syndromes are from deficiency instead of excess and heat rather than cold while syndromes of combined excess and deficiency are common too.
Great Yang Restoration Teapills - Bu Yang Huan Wu Wan
Great Invigorator Teapills - Shen Tong Zhu Yu Wan

Lower Back Pain and Weakness:
Can be on one or both sides of the back as well as the hips and lower legs. Can include sciatic and lumbar pain. Causes include traumatic injury, weakness in the kidney or renal disease, rheumatism and vertebral or spinal disorders. There can be underlying issues of dampness or deficiency of kidney yin, yang or jing. Traumatic back pain involves stagnant blood. These formulas strengthen the kidneys, support the low back and reduce pain. They combine tonic herbs with herbs that remove stagnation of qi, blood and dampness. Most chronic low back pain cases include a deficiency of kidney yang especially in people over 40. Al of these formulas support kidney yang and qi to support the lumbar region.
Solitary Hermit Teapills - Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan
Morinda Yin Yang Pills - Ba Ji Yin Yang Wan
Notoginseng Eucommia Pills - Tian Qi Du Zhong Wan

Sciatica Pain:
Acute or chronic, sciatic pain is characterized by a weak low back and occasional or persistent pain shooting down the side or back of the leg. The problem is usually due to irritation of herniation of a lower lumbar disk affecting the nerve root.
Great Yang Restoration Teapills - Bu Yang Huan Wu Wan
Joint Obstruction Teapills - Guan Jie Yan Wan
Solitary Hermit Teapills - Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan
Red Vessel Teapills - Huo Luo Xiao Ling Wan
Peony and Licorice Teapills - Shao Yao Gan Cao Wan

Bi Syndrome - Arthritis and Rheumatism:
These are disorders with joint pain being the main symptom and also includes joint pain that follows an injury. Bi means blockage or painful obstruction that is due to stagnant qi and blood that may be complicated by damp, heat or cold. Often, exterior pathogens are effecting an underlying deficiency of qi, blood or yang. Symptoms include difficulty of movement, heaviness, numbness, pain or redness and swelling.

Wind Cold Damp Bi - Wandering Bi Syndrome:
Characterized by moving pain that is aggravated by damp weather. Joints my be swelled while the accumulation of damp and stagnation of qi and blood cause muscle and joint numbness, pain or swelling and feeling heaviness.
Clear Channels Teapills - Juan Bi Wan
Joint Obstruction Teapills - Guan Jie Yan Wan

Blood Stagnation Bi:
Characterized by more severe joint and muscle pain with numbness and poor circulation. Pain is fixed and constant and can include joint pain after injury or surgery. The following formula moves qi and is stronger to invigorate blood and break stasis.
Great Invigorator Teapills - Shen Tong Zhu Yu Wan

Deficiency Bi:
This formula moves qi and invigorate blood while addressing underlying qi, blood and/or yang deficiency.
Three Painful-Obstruction Decoction Teapills - San Bi Wan

Cold Bi:
These formulas are warming and invigorating to be very useful to painful limbs whose pain is magnified in cold weather. An underlying deficiency of kidney yang may be present.
Frigid Extremities Powder Pills - Dang Gui Si Ni Tang Wan

Heat Bi:
Characterized by red, warm, swollen joints from pathogenic heat. Examples are rheumatoid arthritis, chronic wind damp bi syndromes that have transformed into heat or excessively warm constitutions that transform exterior pathogens to heat. Additional herbs tend to be cooling.
Drain Away Obstruction Pills - Xuan Bi Tang Wan
Four Marvel Teapills - Si Miao Wan

Traumatic Injury:
Invigorate blood and break stasis, move qi and warm the channels
Red Vessel Teapills - Huo Luo Xiao Ling Wan
Notoginseng Pills - Tian Qi Wan

Pain Due to Trauma, Headache, Toothache, Joint Pain, etc.:
Great Corydalis Teapills - Yan Hu Suo Zhi Tong Wan
Peony and Licorice Teapills - Shao Yao Gan Cao Wan

Digestive Disorders

Spleen Qi Deficiency - Poor Digestion:
Deficient spleen qi manifests in weak digestion which makes it difficult to supply qi to the energetic network and organs. It is then common to produce deficient qi and blood which leads to fatigue, poor sleep and concentration. All organs of digestion are affected.
Four Gentlemen Teapills - Si Jun Zi Tang Wan
Six Gentlemen Teapills - Liu Jun Zi Wan
Six Gentlemen Plus Teapills - Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Wan
Central Chi Teapills - Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan
Calm Stomach Teapills - Ping Wei San Wan

Spleen Yang Deficiency - Poor Digestion, Cold Type:
Deficient spleen yang is a subcategory of spleen qi deficiency, above. Some symptoms include fatigue, lethargy and low vitality. It is often accompanied by loose stools and occasional diarrhea. Diarrhea between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. is a sign of this pattern. Often, characteristics are a cold lower abdomen and aggravation of pain or bloating when eating raw or cold foods, especially refrigerated or iced foods and drink. Other yang deficiency signs may be present, including cold limbs, weak lower back and lowered sex drive. This can indicate kidney yang may be deficient that requires supportive tonification. Qi and yang tonics are warming by nature and slightly stagnating to qi. Use cautiously if any of the following symptoms appear: heat or dryness, oppressive feeling in chest, or congestion and bloating in the abdomen. It is recommended to suspend taking spleen yang tonic herbs during early stage pathogenic wind cold (colds or flu) as they tend to drive pathogens into the body instead of letting them come out.
Central Chi Teapills - Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan
Frigid Extremities Powder Pills - Dang Gui Si Ni Tang Wan
True Warrior Teapills - Zhen Wu Tang Wan

Food Stagnation - Indigestion:
This is a combination of of qi stagnation, phlegm and damp in the stomach causing stasis of food matter. It is an excess condition with distension in the epigastrum and abdomen, nausea and poorly formed stools with undigested food. These symptoms may be accompanied by belching or hiccoughs. The condition can be chronic or infrequently acute. These formulas can be effective for chronic digestive fullness, morning sickness, discomfort from overeating. They help digest and absorb of other herbal formulas that may cause bloating or discomfort. Once food stagnation is improved formulas may be chosen for Spleen Qi Deficiency. When epigastric distension and fullness is from liver qi overacting on the spleen, formulas for Liver Stagnation may be used. Food stagnation due to food poisoning with vomiting or diarrhea, formulas for Damp Turbidity may be used. Food stagnation formulas generally are safe to take as needed or long term. They should be used with caution during pregnancy consulting with an experienced practitioner.
Fortify Stomach Teapills - Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan
Aid Life Pills - Zi Sheng Wan
Healthy Digestion Teapills - Jian Pi Wan

Food Stagnation - Bao He Wan and Curing Pills:
Preserve Harmony Pills - Bao He Wan
Curing Pills - Kang Ning Wan

Damp Turbidity - Vomiting or Diarrhea:
These formulas address acute gastrointestinal disorders including food poisoning and stomach flu. which, in TCM, are caused by external pathogenic toxins. It is common in summer from spoiled food or overconsumption of raw food or cool liquids. Symptoms include sudden headache, vomiting and diarrhea and can be accompanied by sore throat, fever or aches. These symptoms have been seen in cholera epidemics and some of the formulas were formulated with that in mind. For acute disorders, formulas are taken till symptoms have passed. Relief may come in as little as 1-2 doses but may be taken for prolonged time safely. It is recommended to discontinue spicy and greasy foods during damp turbidity.
Calm Wind Teapills - Tong Xie Yao Fang Wan
Calm Stomach Teapills - Ping Wei San Wan
Agastache Qi Correcting Pills - Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan
Fortify Stomach Teapills - Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan

Stomach Hyperacidity and Ulcer:
Chinese have been using heavy calcium mineral sources to suppress acidity for some time. Herbs used to heal the stomach ulcer include blood invigorators and stops bleeding. Together they are used for epigastric pain. These formulas, if taken for a long period of time, can injure spleen qi and digestion, so care should be taken. Though stomach acid can irritate stomach and lining of the small intestine, it is needed to help control pathogenic bacteria, protein digestion and to stimulate the release of pancreatic enzymes. Once pain and bleeding are stopped with minimal use of the following formulas, emphasis can be put on the underlying cause through treatment with formulas for liver qi stagnation affecting stomach and spleen, deficiency of spleen qi or deficiency of spleen yang.
Calm Stomach Teapills - Ping Wei San Wan
Fortify Stomach Teapills - Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan
Healthy Digestion Teapills - Jian Pi Wan
Regulate the Middle Jiao Pills - Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan
Rising Courage Teapills - Wen Dan Tang Wan

Constipation refers to hard dry stools or not frequently enough passing stool even if it appears to be normal. Some causes are heat, stagnation of qi, deficient qi, deficient blood or deficient spleen yang. In chronic conditions, root patterns often need to be addressed by combining constipation formulas with other products. Some of the following formulas combine therapies to tonify blood, move qi, clear heat and purge the bowel. Some lubricate the intestines and contain roughage to move impactions through the use of seeds. The formulas are gentle and can be used for a long period of time safely as they do not have ingredients of or side effects of harsh laxatives.
Five Seed Teapills - Wu Ren Wan
Peach Kernel Teapills - Tao Ren Wan, Run Chang Wan
Hemp Seed Pills - Flax Seed Pills - Ma Zi Ren Wan
Rhubarb Teapills - Da Huang Jiang Zhi Wan

Hemorrhoids occur mostly in adults and can have pain, itching and bleeding. They can be caused from prolonged sitting, prolonged standing or walking long distance carrying heavy items. They can also occur from eating too much spicy or rich food, sweet food, chronic constipation, overexertion or after pregnancy or childbirth. From a TCM standpoint it is a stagnation of qi and blood with damp heat. Invigorating blood, dispelling damp heat and stopping bleeding is desired from herbal combinations.
Great Corydalis Teapills - Yan Hu Suo Zhi Tong Wan
Hemp Seed Pills - Flax Seed Pills - Ma Zi Ren Wan

Gynecological Disorders

Premenstrual Tension:
When liver qi and blood stagnate tension in the muscles and along the liver channel results. This leads to common symptoms of irritability, headache, neck tension and breast distension. Historically Chinese noted internalized emotions inhibit the free flow of qi and blood from the liver. External stress can include environmental toxins in our food, air and water. Other internal stress can be in the form of intestinal toxins. Pharmaceuticals and hormone drugs also contribute. Stagnant Liver qi can be caused or aggravated by heat stagnation that follows yin or blood deficiency, or the rise of body temperature that normally rises between ovulation and menstruation. TCM's goal is to soother liver qi, tonify blood and yin and clear liver heat. TCM formulas are very effective for premenstrual tension and success is usually achieved in one to four months. It is best to take the herbs in between ovulation and menstruation. Some women's symptoms may be aggravated with herbs and better results can be achieved by reducing the dose. This section is geared for premenstrual tension but can also be applied to liver qi and blood stagnation presenting as digestive disturbance, irregular periods, infertility and chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis. The section following later for Liver Qi Stagnation can also be applied to premenstrual tension.
Free and Easy Wanderer Teapills - Xiao Yao Wan
Free and Easy Wanderer Plus Teapills - Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan

Menstrual Cramps and Uterine Pain:
Menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) involves pain in the lower abdomen before, during or after menstruation. Clots may also be present, and the degree of pain and clots increase with severity. Most cases of dysmenorrhea are caused by stagnation of liver qi and blood and may be compounded by cold, heat, dampness or deficiency of yin or blood. The following formulas act by moving liver blood and qi, invigorating blood, breaking blood stasis, warming the uterus and tonification of yin and blood. They are commonly used in China during the worst pain, taken for 3-7 days before menstruation of in difficult cases throughout the month. Once clots have been discharged or pain has ended it is best to discontinue use so the herbs don't cause excessive menstrual bleeding. Uterine pain can occur anytime during the menstrual cycle of following menopause. Endometriosis is stubborn and required many months of treatment. Ovarian pain with or without involvement of the uterus is suited by these formulas as well. Ovarian cysts benefit when these formulas are combined with herbal formulas in the section on Water Retention and Edema. The formulas listed for dysmenorrhea may also be used for other gynecological problems due to blood stagnation including amenorrhea, infertility, irregular periods and small fibroids (less than 5 cm). For fibroids, herbs may take four to eight months to work. These herbs are also useful for hepatomegaly (swollen liver) and splenomegaly (swollen spleen). When dysmenorrhea is preceded by Premenstrual Tension it is recommended that one also take a formula in the above Premenstrual Tension section between ovulation and the start of menstruation. Many women also need to take a blood tonic between the end of menstruation and ovulation. They can be found in the sections for Gynecological Tonics, Blood Tonics or Qi and Blood Tonics.
Calm in the Sea of Life Teapills - Tong Jing Wan
Stasis in the Lower Palace Teapills - Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan
Four Ingredient Pills with Safflower & Peach Seed - Tao Hong Si Wu Tang Wan
Cinnamon and Poria Teapills - Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan

Gynecological Tonics:
To varying degrees these formulas tonify qi, blood, yin, yang or jing as related to gynecological disorders. Most of them nourish blood at their core addressing blood deficiency that can cause light or scanty menstruation, amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), infertility, postmenstrual or postpartum fatigue. These formulas are also useful following postpartum hemorrhage. Other signs and symptoms of blood deficiency may include, dry skin or hair, brittle nails, light headedness, poor memory or concentration, stiff tendons and joints and a pale tongue with a thin weak pulse. Blood deficiency may be accompanied by deficiency of qi, yin, yang or jing and several of the formulas in this section address these more complex patterns. Blood deficiency is usually seen as a root cause for menstrual irregularity or cramps. It can be responsible for headache or fatigue associated with menstruation. Many of these formulas in this section are also helpful for infertility and habitual miscarriage. Chinese women routinely tonify blood following menstruation and the formulas in this section as well in the sections for Infertility, Pregnancy, Vaginal Discharge and Menopausal Disorder. These formulas not only replace lost blood but also are helpful to maintain soft and lustrous hair. Blood Tonics and Qi and Blood Tonics are also helpful in gynecological problems due to deficiency. The blood tonics are recommended to be discontinued during menstruation so they do not aggravate menstrual bleeding. It is also recommended to suspend taking tonic herbs during the early stage of cold or flu as they tend to drive pathogens into the body instead of letting them come out. If use leads to diarrhea or loose stool reduce the label's recommended dosage.
Deer Antler Velvet - Lu Rong
Women's Precious Teapills - Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan
Fertile Fields Teapills - Fu Ke Zhong Zi Wan

Chinese medicine can be very successful for solving infertility or frequent miscarriage when failure to conceive is based on hormonal imbalance such as low progesterone. Infertility due to fallopian blockage or scarring is less likely to result in conception. In traditional Chinese medicine, infertility is most often due to weak kidney qi combined with blood deficiency. Tonic formulas in this category often need to be taken for six months or until pregnancy is confirmed. The formulas can be continued through the end of the first trimester to prevent miscarriage. If a woman is exceptionally weak, it is recommended to avoid the chance of conception for several months to build up reserves of qi and blood. Infertility cases can also involve liver qui stagnation. For these cases, combine the formulas in this section with those from the sections on Premenstrual Tension or Liver Stagnation. Sometimes liver stagnation is so great it is necessary to treat it first then treat kidney and blood. Some cases of infertility, especially in overweight women, can be due to accumulation of phlegm and damp. This is difficult to treat with Chinese tonic formulas and we recommend an improvement in diet and exercise to improve overall health first. Other formulas applicable to infertility due to deficiency can be found in the sections for Gynecological Tonics, Blood Tonics and Qi and Blood Tonics. The products in this section nourish kidney qi and blood, therefore can also be used for amenorrhea, blood deficiency causing dry hair or hair loss, cold limbs, menstrual irregularity, poor memory and postpartum or post-surgical fatigue. Most infertility cases or frequent miscarriage can be complicated and are best evaluated and treated by a competent practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and continued once pregnancy is established.
Warm Cycle Teapills - Wen Jing Tang Wan
Fertile Fields Teapills - Fu Ke Zhong Zi Wan

Chinese herbs for pregnancy include general tonics and tonics that prevent miscarriage. First trimester miscarriage is often due to genetic weakness of the embryo and intervention, except by prayer and faith in God, is usually not helpful. During second and third trimester, if spotting or cramping occur, Chinese herbs can be very valuable and helpful. The most common cause is excess uterine heat causing the blood to be heated. Please be aware there are numerous patterns in Chinese medicine that can cause miscarriage and most should be attended to by a competent Chinese herbal practitioner. These products may not be strong enough to prevent a miscarriage in an emergency situation but can be valuable to prevent the possibility of miscarriage where pre-existing deficiencies or a history of miscarriage exists. Other products for preventing miscarriage can be found in the sections for Gynecological Tonics, Infertility, Liver Stagnation and Blood Tonics.
Four Substances Teapills - Si Wu Tang Wan
Asparagus Root - Tian Men Dong - increases milk, as does fennel and basil
Astragalus Root - Huang Qi - not in 3rd trimester, it can decrease amniotic fluid
Atractylodes, White - Bai Zhu - stabilizes pregnancy, restless fetus from spleen qi deficiency
Codonopsis Root - Dang Shen
Cordyceps - Dong Chong Xia Cao
Cornus Fruit - Shan Zhu Yu - stops excessive uterine bleeding
Cuscuta Seed - Tu Si Zi - restless fetus, uterine bleeding
Cyperus - Xiang Fu - relaxes uterus
Dang Gui Wei - Chinese Angelica Root - builds blood
Deer Antler Velvet - Lu Rong
Dioscorea - Shan Yao - infantile indigestion and/or diarrhea
Dipsacus - Xu Duan - restless fetus
Eucommia Bark - Du Zhong - restless fetus from deficient kidney and/or liver and warms uterus
Ginger, Fresh - severe nausea, dispels exterior wind-cold; Ginger, processed - warms the interior
Ligusticum - Chuan Xiong - difficult labor, excess postpartum bleeding
Ophiopogon - Mai Men Dong - generates fluids, for spleen, stomach and heart
Polygonum - He Shou Wu
Rehmannia Root (prep) - Shu Di Huang
Red Reishi Herbal Tea Extract
Schisandra - Wu Wei Zi
Scutellaria Baicalensis - Huang Qin - restless fetus from heat
White Ginseng - Panax Ginseng - Ren Shen Xu (Bai) - for difficult labor
White Peony Root - Bai Shao

Vaginal Discharge:
Vaginal Discharge is also called leukorrhea involves an increase in amount of discharge and a difference in color, odor or texture. Vaginal discharge can be caused by external pathogens such as Candida or from an underlying deficiency of spleen qi due to liver stagnation, damp heat in the lower burner, kidney deficiency or blood stagnation. Vaginal discharge can be a part of chronic vaginitis, cervicitis, inflammation of fallopian tube or ovary, vaginal irritation, clear or bloody discharge, pain during intercourse, aggravated ovulation and/or menstruation. Vaginal discharge from spleen or kidney deficiency usually is accompanied by a clear or watery discharge and no itching or odor. When there is cold present, the discharge is usually thicker and whiter, also with no odor. A yellow discharge indicates in the lower burner and physical characteristics include a thick creamy texture with bad odor and itching. This is from damp heat in the lower burner and is frequently from external pathogens such as Candida. Vaginal discharge is helped by the products listed below that help to balance the lower burner via wei qi ad other factors such as pH. Vaginal discharge with blood, pus or both can be due to chronic infection. It can sometimes indicate cervical cancer, ovarian cancer or uterine cancer. A complete exam by your naturopathic practitioner is recommended in these cases.
Cistanche - Rou Cong Rong
Deer Antler Velvet - Lu Rong
Fertile Fields Teapills - Fu Ke Zhong Zi Wan
Heal Vaginal Discharge Teapills - Yu Dai Wan
Morinda - Ba Ji Tian
Schisandra - Wu Wei Zi

Menopausal Disorder:
Menopausal Disorder is characterized by periods of hot flashes causing flushed complexion and profuse perspiration that can be accompanied by any of these: blurry vision, dizziness, emotional sensitivity, insomnia, irritability, palpitations and or tinnitus. It can also be accompanied by menstrual disturbances such as cramps, excessive bleeding irregular periods, water retention, appetite loss, loose stools, depression, anxiety attacks. It can be very similar to premenstrual syndrome.

In traditional Chinese medicine the root is kidney yin, yang and or qi deficiency. The liver, heart and/or spleen can also be imbalanced causing kidney qi deficiency resulting in deficiency of qi and blood production and distribution. The can be caused by exhaustion resulting from childbirth, excessive menstrual bleeding, a weak constitution or chronic deficiency of the heart or spleen.

Kidney yin deficiency most commonly has symptoms of dryness, heat and hot flashes. Exhausted kidney yin can result in heart fire burning out of control. Liver qi stagnation follows resulting in liver fire rising or horizontal qi where liver attacks spleen.

Kidney yang deficiency can cause menopausal imbalances due to a decline of kidney qi or a weak constitution. If deficient spleen and kidney yang develop it can affect digestion. Prolonged yin or yang deficiency can result in a deficiency of the opposite treasure.

Menopausal disorder deficiencies are usually 10 years in the making. In countries where a S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) predominates they can be 20 or more years in the making. For these reasons we recommend taking care to stear clear of a S.A.D. at as early of an age as possible. Herbal products offered obtain the best results and are not needed as long when the S.A.D. is changed to one consisting of a large variety of organic raw vegetables and fruits as seen on our Transition to Living Foods chart.
Cool Bones Teapills - Qing Gu Wan
Eight Flavor Rehmannia Teapills - Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan
Eight Righteous Teapills - Ba Zheng Wan
Free & Easy Wanderer Plus Teapills - Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan
Free & Easy Wanderer Teapills - Xiao Yao Wan
Six Flavor Teapills - Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Two Immortals Teapills - Er Xian Wan

Liver-Gallbladder Disorders

Liver Stagnation:
Liver stagnation refers to stagnation of liver qi and or stagnation of liver blood. The liver moves qi and blood to the tendons, ligaments and muscles. The liver also moves and stores blood during its cleansing, detoxifying time of 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. The liver channel runs through the genital area up to the breast, lips, eyes and head. This causes the liver to have a direct connection to the functioning of the lymphatic system, spleen, stomach and uterus. Imbalances of the liver can cause problems with digestion, fertility, immune system function, infections, menstruation and pregnancy. Our emotions can play a huge part in the way our liver functions. Positive emotions such as joy and happiness help to keep the liver operating smoothly while negative emotions such as anger, bitterness, depression, hate and resentment cause it to get out of balance thereby effecting the organs listed above directly. Choosing the wrong foods to eat can further impair the functions of the liver. These conditions of imbalance then can cause a variety of problems including abdominal or epigastric distension, acid reflux, bloating, esophageal constriction, nausea, pain, vomiting or weak digestion. Liver qi stagnation can cause breast distension, swelling of the scrotum, pain in the groin area or hernia. When liver qi stagnation results in stagnant blood the end result can become pain in the region most tense. PMS can result causing headache, menstrual cramps and irregularity, irritability, uterine fibroids. Heat toxins and infections can result in cirrhosis which is liver scarring and there can also be swelling of the liver or spleen. Other formulas for liver stagnation can also be found in Premenstrual Tension as well as the section that follows on liver yang rising.
Bupleurum Dragonbone Oyster Shell - Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Wan
Bupleurum Liver Soothing Pills - Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan
Four Pillars Teapills - Si Ni San Wan
Linking Decoction Teapills - Yi Guan Jian Wan
Minor Bupleurum Teapills - Xiao Chai Hu Wan
Soothe Liver Teapills - Shu Gan Wan
Stasis in the Lower Chamber - Ge Xia Zhu Yu Wan
Stasis in the Mansion of Blood Teapills - Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan

Liver Yang and Internal Wind:
Liver yang rising can cause disorders such as dizziness (vertigo), headaches, high blood pressure and ear ringing (tinnitus). Liver yang rising over a long period of time can cause liver wind resulting in convulsions, spasms, trembling and an unsteady gait. When liver yin and blood are strong it keeps liver yang in place. Deficient blood or kidney yin can also lead to liver yin or blood imbalances. Prolonged separation of liver yin and yang can also produce liver fire which can results phlegm and can lead to wind stroke, the cerebral vascular problem caused by liver imbalances attributed to western medicine.

This first section of liver yang and internal wind imbalances addresses single herbs for balancing hypertension accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, flushed face, headache, irritability and pressure behind the eyes. These herbs nourish the yin and subdue yang. We currently do not have a teapill from Plum Flower to address liver yang and internal wind imbalances, so we are listing herbal recipes that are normally used together by other companies. Using one herb such as Eucommia Bark, Scutellaria or Uncaria Hook is preferred by some individuals. Achyranthes directs the herbs and qi downward so using 15-20% is effective. Eucommia Bark has double direction activity on the blood vessels so using 50% or more up to 100% is effective for many people. Combining Eucommia Bark 50%, Uncaria Hook 20%, Prunella 20% and Scutellaria 10% can also be used. Any of the other herbs listed can be added to your recipe in the amount of about 10% each while adjusting herbs of larger amounts accordingly. Only use Bupleurum in combination with other herbs being sure to include either Scutellaria or White Peony to stay emotionally balanced.

Other possible formulas can be found in the sections addressing Wei Syndrome and Kidney Yin Tonics

About 50% of our clients have success using these herbs with acupuncture, some use only herbs by them selves while the rest need a more aggressive approach. Please consult your health practitioner or acupuncturist if you are unsure how to handle hypertension.
Achyranthes Root - Huai Niu Xi
Asparagus Root - Tian Men Dong
Bupleurum Root - Chai Hu
Chinese Angelica Root - Dang Gui
Chrysanthemum Flower - Ju Hua
Coptis Chinensis Rhizome - Huang Lian
Eucommia Bark - Du Zhong
Licorice Root, Raw - Gan Cao
Ligusticum - Chuan Xiong
Prunella Vulgaris Spike - Xia Ku Cao
Rehmannia Root, Prepared - Shu Di Huang
Scutellaria Baicalensis - Huang Qin
Uncaria Hook - Gou Teng
White Peony Root - Bai Shao Yao

This second section of liver yang and internal wind imbalances utilizes Gastrodia. Gastrodia can be used for arthritis, chronic dizziness, chronic low level headache, facial paralysis and mild hypertension. It subdues yang and boosts yin when kidney qi becomes weak. Gastrodia can also be used for Wei Syndrome.
Gastrodia - Tian Ma
Gastrodia Teapills - Tian Ma Teapills
Gastrodia Uncaria Cool Decoction - Tian Ma Gou Teng Teapills

This final section of liver and and internal wind imbalances includes herbs designed to address acute or chronic headache such as migraine. Symptoms can include focused pain, eye or temple radiation and visual disturbances. These herbs may take some time to work and offer no consequences of side effects. The teapills in the above section will need larger amounts to accomplish this so we provide this recipe for tea: Gastrodia 40%, Pearl Powder 20%, Chinese Angelica Root 10%, Aucklandia 10%, White Peony Root 10% and Uncaria Hook 10%.
Aucklandia Lappa Root - Mu Xiang
Chinese Angelica Root - Dang Gui
Gastrodia - Tian Ma
Pearl Powder - Zhen Zhu
Uncaria Hook - Gou Teng
White Peony Root - Bai Shao Yao

Liver-Gallbladder Damp-Heat:
Liver and gallbladder damp-heat can be due to internal or external influences. Since the liver and gallbladder are naturally moist from blood and yin fluids, heat can easily transform into damp heat. External heat toxins such as chemicals and parasites can cause stagnant Liver qi. Internal heat can be produced by excess negative emotions, overeating spicy and/or fatty food. The following sections for Liver-Gallbladder Damp Heat can overlap in application and symptoms. It is recommended to discontinue fatty, greasy, spicy food when experiencing liver-gallbladder damp heat.

Gallbladder inflammation is chronic liver heat leading to inflammation and stagnation of the gallbladder qi where damp heat accumulates. It can be due to blockage or hyperplasia of the bile ducts, retention of bile and potential infection by intestinal bacteria. Heat and excess traveling along the liver and gallbladder channels can produce a variety of symptoms in the upper or lower burner. Symptoms include dizziness, ear ringing, headache on one side of the temple, insomnia, mania, migraine, nightmares, painful ejaculation, painful scrotum, painful urination, red eye, red or irritated vulva and vagina, retinal problems, styes, swollen testicles, urinary tract infections, vaginal discharge. Specifically herpes simplex causes eruptions along the liver channel. While specifically shingles causes eruptions along the gallbladder channel, Other symptoms can include: loss of appetite, gallstones, indigestions, nausea and trapezius pain. It is advised to discontinue fatty, greasy, spicy food and lose excess weight.
Major Bupleurum Teapills
Snake & Dragon Teapills
Rising Courage Teapills

Jaundice and hepatitis can also be caused by liver-gallbladder damp heat. Other symptoms can include liver or costal pain with rising fever, passing dark urine, yellow skin and/or eyes. Symptoms can be due to gallbladder inflammation, gallstones, hepatitis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the Liver, AIDS and/or roundworms. Jaundice can be acute or it can indicate liver failure or anywhere in between.

Chinese medicine is very helpful for jaundice and hepatitis. The herbs directly battle viruses, regulate and move liver blood and qi as well as nourish blood and yin to clear damp heat from the middle burner. They should be used as long as needed.
Bupleurum Shu Gan Teapills - Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan
Calm in the Sea of Life Teapills - Tong Jing Wan
Central Qi Teapills - Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan
Five Flavor Teapills - Wu Wei Xiao Du Wan
Fortify Stomach Teapills - Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan
Four Pillars Teapills - Si Ni San Wan
Free & Easy Wanderer Plus - Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan
Free & Easy Wanderer Teapills - Xiao Yao Wan
Jade Screen Teapills - Yu Ping Feng San Wan
Linking Decoction Teapills - Yi Guan Jian Wan
Major Bupleurum Teapills - Da Chai Hu Wan
Minor Bupleurum Teapills - Xiao Chai Hu Wan
Rising Courage Teapills - Wen Dan Tang Wan
Six Gentlemen Plus Teapills - Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Wan
Snake & Dragon Teapills - Long Dan Xie Gan Wan
Soothe Liver Teapills - Shu Gan Wan

Gallstones usually result from chronic or lengthy gallbladder inflammation. Stones may appear in the gallbladder, common bile duct or the other bile ducts in the liver. Gallbladder inflammation and gallstone manifestations can include costal pain, fever, nausea, poor digestion, vomiting and sometimes jaundice. Chinese herbal combinations can successfully reduce or dissolve gallstones to prevent surgery. The most effective approach utilizes Jin Qian Cao which is included in these teapills:
Eight Righteous Teapills - Ba Zheng Wan
Other effective single herbs to combine Jin Qian Cao with include:
Aucklandia Lappa Root - Mu Xiang
Bupleurum Root - Chai Hu
Coptis Chinensis Rhizome - Huang Lian
Isatis Root - Ban Lan Gen
Rhubarb Root - Da Huang
Scutellaria Baicalensis - Huang Qin
White Peony Root - Bai Shao Yao
Additionally, the combinations below can be used to address gallstones:
Bupleurum Shu Gan Teapills - Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan
Cool Valley Teapills - Liang Ge Wan
Escape Restraint Formula - Yue Ju San

Blood Tonics:

Qi and Blood Tonics:


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