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#FD-1018P Gardenmaster Pro
Food Dehydrator

Gardenmaster Pro<br> Food Dehydrator

Gardenmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

Expandable to 30 Trays! .............

Gardenmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-1018P specifications: 15" diameter, 16.25" height, 5" fan motor, 2400 rpm, adjustable thermostat, 1000 watts, dries in hours not days, opaque, expandable to 30 trays, no tray rotation, 1 square foot per tray. This package comes with 8 trays, 8 clean-a-screens & 8 fruit roll sheets! UL Listed.

Patented Converga-Flow
The Gardenmaster's patented fan forces heated air up the exterior pressurized chamber (not through each tray). The air is forced horizontally across each individual tray, converging on the core, for fast, even and nutritious drying. No flavor missing! No need for tray rotating. No fear of botulism!

Fast, Powerful Fan
A quiet, 2,400-RPM motor and specially designed five-inch fan mean faster, more nutritious drying. Four times faster than dryers which have no fan or motor.

Adjustable Thermostat
Different foods need different temperature settings. The adjustable 90-150 degree thermostat gives you the flexibility to get the best results.

Vita-Save Exterior
The opaque exterior blocks light to retain more of the food's nutrients and vitamins during the drying process.

Expandable to Meet Your Needs
As needs grow, this standard 8-tray unit can be expanded with accessory Add-A-Trays up to 30 trays (30 sq. ft.). Drying pressure adjusts automatically to the number of trays.

Gardenmaster Accessories Included FREE
No-Spill Fruit Roll Sheets
Perfect for drying semi-liquids, soups, sauces, fruit rolls, sprouted grain breads. Has the exclusive "no-spill" lip.
Flexible screen, allows easy drying of small items such as herbs, spices and potpourri.


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