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#P269 Niacitol (no flush niacin) 500 mg
120 capsules

Niacitol (no flush niacin) 500 mg<br> 120 capsules

Niacitol (no flush niacin) 500 mg 120 capsules

Niacitol contains inositol nicotinate, a form of no-flush niacin (vitamin B3) that has been used in Europe for over thirty years for healthy cardiovascular support. Niacitol is a well-tolerated form of vitamin B3 and is unlikely to cause the flushing or other side effects that are associated with niacin. Inositol nicotinate is composed of one molecule of inositol and six molecules of niacin.

Cardiovascular Support: Vitamin B3 is a key component involved in nearly all aspects of energy metabolism. Its coenzymes (NAD and NADP) assist in the metabolic processes surrounding the breakdown and utilization of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Studies in Europe using inositol nicotinate have demonstrated positive support for blood flow and healthy glucose utilization. Furthermore, niacin is involved in the synthesis of sex hormones and the formation of skin and digestive tissues.

Pure Encapsulations Niacitol is an inositol and niacin complex. Inositol is derived from plant sources. Niacin is synthetic. Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate) is derived from corn dextrose fermentation and palm oil.

Typical Usage
3-6 capsules per day, in divided doses, with meals or as directed by your wellness coach.

100% Vegan Ingredients: each capsule contains niacin (as inositol nicotinate 500 mg, inositol (as inositol nicotinate) 125 mg, inositol nicotinate 625 mg, ascorbyl palmitate (fat-soluble vitamin C) 15 mg. Other ingrediants: other ingredients: hypo-allergenic plant fiber (cellulose), vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water).

What's NOT in it: wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, gluten (Certified Gluten-Free); artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners; coatings or shellac; GMOs; unecessary binders, fillers or preservatives; magnesium stearate; trans fat or hydrogenated oils.

Cautions & Contraindications
Niacin has been reported to cause liver inflammation in some individuals, when taken at a daily dose of more than 500 mg. It is recommended to monitor liver enzymes in individuals taking Niacitol. If pregnant or lactating, consult your midwife before taking this product. If taking medication, please consult your wellness coach to see if this product is suited for you.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules


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