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#ALW07 Millet, Hulled Organic
5 lbs.

Millet, Hulled Organic<br> 5 lbs.

Organic Hulled Millet 5 Pounds

has a cooling thermal nature, is a yin tonic and supports kidney, spleen and stomach meridians. Millet is also used for gastrointestinal irregularities and combines well with winter squash such as butternut and acorn squashes to increase its value toward the earth element and organs. Millet is most often used by people balancing their blood sugar and is the best grain used by people with thrush. Millet reduces kapha.

Millet is the highest in amino acids, protein and iron of all the true cereal grains. Millet is high in phosphorous, B Vitamins, is alkalizing, gluten-free and the easiest grain to digest.

Millet can be cooked up dry, light and fluffy or wetter to give a consistency similar to mashed potatoes.

Millet can be eaten alone as a cereal or side dish. It also combines very nicely with amaranth and Quinoa, my favorite being Red Quinoa. Millet can be used in soups, stews and stuffing. It can also be ground into Millet Flour and used in breads and baked deserts.

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