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#ALW03 Buckwheat Groats, Organic
5 lbs.

Buckwheat Groats, Organic<br> 5 lbs.

Organic Raw Buckwheat Groats 5 Pounds

have a neutral thermal nature with a sweet flavor. clean and strengthen the intestines and improve the appetite. They effectively treat dysentery and chronic diarrhea. A bioflavonoid called rutin in buckwheat strengthens capillaries and blood vessels, restrains hemorrhage, lowers blood pressure and increases circulation to the extremities. Rutin neutralizes or counteracts the effects of x-rays and other forms of radiation

Buckwheat benefits eruptions and inflammation of the skin as well as burns. Toasting buckwheat (kasha) makes it one of the few alkalizing grains.

Buckwheat isn't susceptible to invasion by insects and will die when grown with chemicals.

Caution: buckwheat can worsen heat signs such as high fever, thirst, red face and tongue, high blood pressure or wind complaints such as dizziness, disorientation, emotional instability, nervousness and spasms.

Origin: United States

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