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#ALW01 Amaranth Grain, Organic
5 lbs.

Amaranth Grain, Organic<br> 5 lbs.

Organic Amaranth Grain 5 Pounds

is attributed to there being no existence of malnutrition in areas of some countries where it is regularly consumed. It has the ability to thrive in poor soil and with its high nutritional values, it van be used to help fulfill protein and calcium needs. It is especially beneficial for nursing moms, pregnant women, infants, children and people involved in heavy physical work. When combined with any of most other grains, the combination has a very high amino acid and protein profile that is higher than what is contained in meats and other animal products, even though such a high amount is unnecessary for most people.

Amaranth has a cool thermal nature, its flavor is bitter and sweet, it dries dampness, benefits the lungs, is high in protein (15-18%), high in fiber, high in amino acids, high in Vitamin C and high in calcium. It is higher in calcium, magnesium and silicon than milk and the balance of these 3 minerals is used very efficiently by the human body. Amaranth can be used in making soup, grain dishes and wholesome versions of breads and cakes. And it makes nice sprouts for use in salads.

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