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Reishi, Red
Ling Zhi Hong
Herbal Tea Extract
200 grams

Reishi, Red<br> Ling Zhi Hong<br> Herbal Tea Extract<br> 200 grams

Red Reishi
Ling Zhi Hong

Pinyin Name: Ling Zhi Hong
English Name: Red Reishi, Ganoderma
Properties: bitter, sweet, neutral
Channels Entered: Heart, Liver, Lung

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Concentration: 10:1. Contains non-gmo maltodextrin.

Each package contains 200 grams.

This is a different product than the 5 kilo packages.


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Great Immune System Booster!
By Christine Friday, February 17, 2017
Something has been causing me to get hives every few months for about a year and half. I never had them in my life before. Your Reishi tea has been the single most important herb to boost my immune system for overcoming the hives, quicker each time. Also, topically I use your peppermint essential oil or calendula cream for relief of the rash, which is decreasing with each subsequent bout of hives.