Alopecia Areata Powder
Ban Tu San
Herbal Tea Extract
1 Kilo

Alopecia Areata Powder<br> Ban Tu San<br> Herbal Tea Extract<br> 1 Kilo

Alopecia Areata Powder
Ban Tu San

Pinyin Name: Ban Tu San
English Name: Alopecia Areata Powder
Channels Entered: Liver, Kidney

Nourish and invigorate blood, tonify qi, benefit liver, benefit kidney, deficiency blood causing hair loss, alopecia, patch balding are some of the conditions satisfied clients have successfully used this herb for.

Herbal Ingredients
Polygonum (He Shou Wu), Prepared Rehmannia Root (Shu Di Huang), Raw Rehmannia Root (Sheng Di Huang), Angelica (Dang Gui), Salvia (Dan Shen), White Peony Root (Bai Shao), Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi), Codonopsis (Dang Shen), Chaenomeles (Mu Gua), Notopterygium (Qiang Huo)

Primary Traditional Functions
Nourish and Invigorate Blood, Tonify Qi, Benefit Liver and Kidney

Can be used for deficient blood causing hair loss, and for patch balding with shiny spots, for hair loss of other body parts such as eyebrows, beard, armpits, etc. Also for hair loss during postpartum, chemotherapy or radiation. Can be used for blood deficiency that causes dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, sore muscles and limbs and poor concentration.

This formula has been used in China to reverse hair loss due to deficiency and poor circulation. This formula has been used for hair loss due to childbirth, low thyroid, radiation, chemotherapy, early stage male pattern baldness and premature greying of the hair. This formula is made up of 60% blood tonics, including He Shou Wu, which has been used in China for thousands of years to regrow hair and turn it back to its natural color. Mu Gua and Quiang Huo help to bring the herbs to the top of the head and carry the micronutrients of the herbs to the blood vessels that bring nourishment to the hair and scalp.

This formula can be used long term with no contraindications to grow and then maintain healthy hair. A noticeable difference has been reported in 3-6 months since hair normally grows at the rate of 6 inches per year. We have had clients report 8-10 inches hair growth in one year when taking this formula long term, over the course of 2-3 years.

Concentration: He Shou Wu is 16:1, all other herbs are 5:1

Typical Usage of Concentrated Extract
3 grams 2-3 times per day or as directed by your health practitioner.

Each package contains 1 kilogram. If taken 2 times per day this is a 3 month supply, if taken 3 times per day this is a 2 month supply. Please contact us if you are interested in a 5 kilogram package.


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