#3378 Cool Bones Teapills
Qing Gu Wan

Cool Bones Teapills<br> Qing Gu Wan

Plum Flower Cool Bones Teapills
Qing Gu Wan

Yin deficiency with heat causing "steaming bone disorder". Symptoms include afternoon tidal fever or chronic low-grade fever, heat in the palms and soles, irritability and restlessness, palpitations, insomnia, night sweating, hot flashes. Useful in tuberculosis, AIDS, and certain stages of menopausal disorder are some of the conditions satisfied clients have successfully used this formula for.

Primary Traditional Functions
Clears Deficiency Heat and Fire, Nourishes Yin, Stops Sweating, Alleviates Steaming Bone Syndrome

Typical Usage
8 pills, 3 x day. 200 teapills per bottle.

Stellaria dichotoma root, Anemarrhena asphodeloides rhizome, Picrorhiza scrophulariaeflora rhizome, Lycium chinense root-bark, Artemisia annua herb, Gentiana macrophylla root, Trionyx sinensis shell-prep, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root. - Yin chai hu, Zhi mu, Hu huang lian, Di gu pi, Qing hao, Qin jiao, Zhi bie jia, Gan cao.

Cautions & Contraindications:
Contraindicated during pregnancy. Contraindicated for conditions due to excess heat. Contraindicated during the early stages of acute infection or illness, such as cold or flu. Use with caution in Spleen deficient patients with a tendency to loose stools, diarrhea, poor appetite or chronic digestive weakness.


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