#3365C Cinnamon & Poria
Gui Zhi Fu Ling San
100 grams

Cinnamon & Poria<br> Gui Zhi Fu Ling San<br> 100 grams

Plum Flower Cinnamon & Poria Formula
Gui Zhi Fu Ling San

Benign gynecological masses, ovarian cysts, blood stasis causing menstrual cramps, uterine masses, endometriosis, irregular periods, amenorrhea, mild persistent bleeding during pregnancy and benign prostate swelling are some of the conditions satisfied clients have successfully used this formula for.

Primary Traditional Functions
Invigorates the Blood, Transforms Blood and Phlegm Stagnation, Warms the Uterus, Dissipates Nodules

Typical Usage
3 grams, 3 x day or 4-5 grams 2 x day or as directed by your health practitioner. 100 Grams.

Cinnamomum cassia twig, Poria cocos fungus, Paeonia lactiflora root, Paeonia suffruticosa root-bark, Prunus persica seed. - Gui zhi, Fu ling, Chi shao, Mu dan pi, Tao ren.

Allergen Information:
Contains tree nuts.

Cautions & Contraindications:
Contraindicated during pregnancy.


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