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We carry only the finest juicers in the industry. Many are commercial grade and they can also be used in your home. Our juicers are manufactured by companies that specialize in the necessary equipment to make quality juice for your store or home such as Champion, Juice Tree, Miracle Exclusives, Nutrifaster, Ruby and Welles Press. If you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle - whether you have been doing this a long time or just getting started - and want to consume fresh vegetable and fruit juices that contain all the live enzymes and nutrients God put in the plants to nourish us, then these are the juicers you are looking for. With proper care it will only take a once in a lifetime investment to keep your family filled with the finest juice money can buy. The quality of these juicers is so great, they can be passed down to your children and grandchildren. Only replacement parts and minor maintenance will be required for these machines to last you a lifetime and longer. In a day and age when many companies are lowering their quality to make a buck, these companies have kept their integrity and still manufacture strong, quality machines.